Living a Day Like A Spanish Conqueror

 In Cebu, The Philippines

Had a day wherein I felt like I need to go out and look for something different. New environment, anything that is new to my eyes.
Galleon Andalucia
And it so happen that a big ship visited my place, so I grab the opportunity to get a peek and spend a day in a Spanish way.
I visited the Galleon Andalucia and met the crew. I was given the chance to experience on what it felt like traveling in a galleon way back 1500s even though it was on dry dock but still I was able to set foot on a galleon. “Andalucia” is a replica of a 17th century galleon that figured in trade activities between Asia, Europe, and the Americas a long time ago.
The galleon was so amazing that I was mesmerized and I wanted to travel with them on their way to their next destination. It was fun even though I traveled alone. After I’ve seen the galleon, I went directly to Fort San Pedro to relax and breathe some fresh air. It is just a few minutes walk from Malacanan Palace of the South. I only paid PhP30 for the entrance fee.Fort San Pedro

I took some photos and waited for 30 minutes before I went home.

It was definitely a good way to spend a day by just strolling around and discovering new things. But it should have been more fun if I have someone to share it.

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