A Simple Life in Agusan del Norte

 In Agusan del Norte, The Philippines

Port of Nasipit is the gateway of Agusan del Norte to the rest of the Philippines. I’ve been traveling back and forth in this province since my father was born and died here. I’ve been visiting this place annually during the 1st week of the 11th Month, November. Or if there are celebrations like weddings and etc.

Agusan del Norte is in CARAGA region. It doesn’t have much to offer for tourists but it has something that it can give to those who are looking for a more simpler way of enjoying the weekend or just to let the time pass by.

In Agusan del Norte, life is simple. No complications. People are generous, food and resources are abundant. You can eat three times a day and that’s it.

If you are looking for something wild, night parties and bars, shop til you drop malls; then, Agusan del Norte is not the place you are looking for. Better look for another place. But, anyway, I came here to visit my bloodline.

Since my family is from a town called Tubay. I traveled all the way from Nasipit to Cabadbaran City passing thru Butuan City which is the capital of Agusan del Norte.Traveled from the seas to the mountains to the river, it was great to enjoy a life wherein you keep on moving and witnessing the changes of sceneries outside those little window of the bus each time you passed by a town.

I love it there. You can get the freshest fishes early in the morning handed to you by the fisherman who caught it for a reasonable price or even for free.

In this province, I can say that,

“Living a life so simple is living a life harmoniously.”

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  • pepotchkiy

    hello! 🙂 so, originally u are from Tubay, interesting. I’m from Butuan and yeah, there’s not much going on… am kinda worried that Robinsons will close it’s business immediately after its launching. *sigh

    • thelonetraveler

      Yes, my father is from Tubay but I grew up in Bohol. My last visit in Agusan del Norte was way back 2011 and I never heard any news after that. So Robinsons gonna start its business in Butuan? Itll work out since people tend to go to fancy places than going to Gaisano heeh 😉

      • pepotchkiy

        i think it shall open next year. i’m worried no ones gonna go there kasi walang pera mga madlang pipol. :). it would be best that they open business factories or income generating industries rather than fancy stores where only a few can afford.

        • thelonetraveler

          Yeah, u’re right. And I don’t know what the Robinsons seen in Butuan that they put up a mall. But Im definitely sure that it’ll be a success coz they dont just throw the money in the trash without having it studied. For sure, they see potential in Butuan, might be due to the airport or the people or there is something else they’ve seen. We don’t know Butuan might be the Makati in the CARAGA region, right. =)

        • thelonetraveler

          pepotchkiy, good day! if you have the time. can you check your gmail e-mail account? i sent a message regarding something important. hope to hear from you soon. =)

          • pepotchkiy

            ooops. you were Hardir? thought t’was some weird email…:( real sorry got it deleted. hope it went nicely though. maybe next time Hardir :))

          • thelonetraveler

            Yup, my e-mail address is haldir. I don’t know how she did it but I haven’t seen the segment in 24Oras featuring Agusan del Norte.

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