Conquering Cebu II: Barili

 In Cebu, The Philippines

On my second journey to conquer Cebu, it took me weeks of deliberate thinking and time consuming gathering of ideas and planning of  where to travel. Then, I’ve come up of going to Barili for I’ve heard a lot about it’s hidden beauty and that is the Mantayupan Falls.

The travel from Cebu City to Barili took me merely 2 hours. Mantayupan Falls is in Brgy. Campangga and is 10-min ride from the market. When I got there, the place was cool. I just paid PhP10 for the entrance fee, I was greeted by 4 waterfalls. I needed to walk for a minute to get to the tallest waterfall in Cebu but I never expected that there were a lot of people spending their weekend and I ended dissatisfied.

I just took photos and have decided to go to the beach and I found Sayaw Beach. It is a not-so-develop resort that took me another 10-min ride from Mantayupan Falls. The view was amazing but I don’t have time to stop and take some photos. It was a great afternoon after someone spoiled it, a Barili local.

I’ve come to realise that in every travel I learn something new and I need to incorporate what I’ve learnt in my next travel.

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