Conquering Cebu VII: Boljoon

 In Cebu, The Philippines

After my visit in Alcoy. I have thought of going to another location and I found out that next to Alcoy is the town of BOLJOON.

I hired an Alcoy driver to let him drive his cycle for me to get to Boljoon since it’s just a 30-minute travel. When I was still on the road, I never imagine that the place was so stunning.

I was mesmerized by the clarity of the water, the great view along the coast of the municipal hall and I only visited Plaza Bermejo for this is the first time I’ve seen such a magnificent vista in my years of traveling. Words might be too flowery but I ain’t lying. My taste maybe different from yours but that is how I describe what beauty I saw in Boljoon. See it for yourself.

Visit Boljoon, it even has a free Wi-Fi booth. Check it out!

UPDATE on 03/25/2013:
I have read one of the blog articles from Cebu blogger showing how Boljoon took a toll on the previous series of typhoons that landed in the province. With what happened in the town, I was saddened and can’t believe that this plaza called Bermejo Plaza near the City Hall has been wiped out to oblivion. These pictures I have are the memories I will keep on how beautiful Boljoon was way before it was damaged.

Check the Southern Leg blogpost for the latest news on the Southern part of Cebu Province.


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