My Bucket List for the Year of the Water Snake, 2013

 In Bohol, Genesis, The Philippines

bucket list photo courtesy of lucyinnovation’s blog

This is the first time I’ll be writing my bucket list because for the last year’s list, it was just written on my head and whenever something popped out, I just added it and made revisions on my list. Thus, I’ll be putting it in a post to make sure that I’ll be able to complete it.

I have been inspired of doing this from other bloggers who were done writing their bucket list. My bucket list is good for a year only. Some people made list of things to do before they die but I made mine to be more productive, give directions and purpose, make new adventures and experiences or simply to ENJOY LIFE while I still have the time to have fun with it for this new year. This is definitely the genesis of the new life for the year of the Water Snake.

I have only 10 on my mind when I made this up and this is my 2013 Bucket List:

– Gain weight <currently, I’m at 55 kg>

– Visit another country.

– Visit a UNESCO world heritage site.

– Make renovations on our home.

– Attend reunions, feast celebration and gatherings with family.

– Undergo Lasik eye surgery.

– Go to gym at least three times a week.

– Always wear a smile by making friends and be more patient.

– Double my site stats <as of 01/04/13, it is at 255 views>.

– Save for the future!

People may say my list is too simple. Yes, it is. I made it simple for me to always keep on track  and to meet them without a sweat.

The simpler, the better, the easier to meet my goals.

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  • Asia Popstars News

    You got some of my bucket list too! Fingers Crossed

    • thelonetraveler

      Good that someone has set the same goals (some of it) as mine for this year. I was thinking that I’m the only one having these objectives written on a list which are basically just too simple and can be achieved within 3-6 months. Neh, fingers crossed, aja, fighting.
      I’m currently watching Protect the Boss via my iPod while at work and don’t tell my boss……..coz I’m actually the boss. =)
      Enjoy the day, Tommy Boi!

      • Asia Popstars News

        Where do you live Carl? Are you from the Philippines? I would love to visit Philippines one day!

        I was going to visit Bohol and Borocay last summer but something came up and I couldn’t go….

        Have a good day!

        • thelonetraveler

          Sorry it took me a while to respond, I just had two customers came into my office.
          Yup, I’m from the Philippines specifically from Bohol. There are a lot of Korean tourists coming to our place, I think 75% of all tourists who visited Bohol are Koreans. Yeah, you should visit my place. I would love to tour you and your family around. Just make sure I’m in Bohol too coz currently I’m out of Bohol.
          I’m sure you’ve heard from friends or seen Bohol and Boracay online and I guarantee you that these places are amazing. Next time if you got the chance to visit, leave everything behind. =)
          —I’m sorry Tommyboi, since you’re profile talks about your trip back in South Korea so, I was guessing you are Korean. Are you?

  • gracie

    I might include lasix surgery in my bucket list carl…. T_T i miss my 20/20 vision….

    • thelonetraveler

      me too Gracie. hate myself looking on the mirror with specks. last january, lasik eye surgery was just for 15K but now it went up to 65K. i dont have that much savings. hope before this year ends, it will go down again. that’s why i included it in my bucket list coz i was thinking it was a year-round price. =(

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