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With this current weather condition and the middle of winter season, it is not unusual to have common colds, fever, cough, sore throat and flu. I also got these due to cold weather. Nowadays, viruses spread easily and are more potent than before. As my upper respiratory tract infection progresses, I tend to rest more at home with nothing to do. Then,  I just started thinking what am I gonna do at home since I cannot travel with this type of condition I have. I am weak, feverish and my bloody runny nose makes me more uncomfortable. So, I ended up lockdown at home til I’m good to go. With this week confinement, I haven’t done anything productive. I finished writing this post and most of the days of my week, watched a lot of television series. My eyes are glued with Korean TV series now, with just 5 days I was able to watch 4 TV series and those were:rooftop-prince-17-bolum-izle

Rooftop Prince

My first Korean TV series and I ended up with sleepless nights. The story was great, the plot, the scene, it was definitely addictive. I think I have watched this within 2 days only, my eyes were literally on the screen without a blink watching this. There were no dull moments and as the story goes, it became more interesting that the viewers will look forward on what’s going to happen next, out of curiosity. It was indeed one of the best Korean series I’ve seen so far. Not to mention the soundtrack, songs were topnotch. I placed those songs on my iPod and played it like countless times in a day. Songs were performed by Baek Ji Young titled After a Long Time, Happy Ending by Jay Park and Ali’s Hurt.

Next was, 194838_156816874454612_199687395_oThe Moon that Embraces the Sun

For me, it lacks impact to the viewers. Storyline was not that complicated. At first I have doubts of watching this series but due to high viewer rating when it was aired in South Korea so, I watched this out of curiosity as well. The first half or first 10 episodes were great with humour, and the chemistry between two main child characters was amazing. Yet as the story goes deeper, it lacked spice and became bland in my opinion but still gave it one thumb up for everything.

Considering that I love Fantasy-Period-Romantic genre, third on my list was,315447_127945744015375_849513714_nArang and the Magistrate

It was an action packed, one of the best TV shows I’ve seen also. Everything was perfect, first 5 episodes might be tiresome but it has a purpose since they were building up the plot as it goes to the next episodes. It was brilliant  with minor glitch at the end since the ending was too unexpected. I may think they did a hasty pack up for this TV show with that kind of ending, kinda disappointed though. But still I gave it two thumbs up as an overall experience watching this series. I also like the soundtrack with Baek Ji Young’s Love and Love and K Will’s You are Love.

After my Joseun Era TV shows, I shifted back to current time and viewed,536704_449728668377547_1828288828_nI Do, I Do

It depicts love between career and motherhood. Romantic comedy it is. It was nice. All 16 episodes were amazing and I can’t stop watching them. I have no negative feedback to say about this TV show cause it was flawless. The story was good not so provocative and I just finished watching this not a long time ago.

Now, I’m currently watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal.36300_240597862735069_1129477621_nLet me see what this show has to offer for a sick viewer like me.

Enjoy your day, guys. Make sure to take care of your health and always be fit, take vitamins, fruits, vegetables and drink a lot of water <a simple reminder from a sick *sniff sniff* homebound blogger>. =)

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  • krispinkcreme31

    Hi Jan! Do you remember me? Nyahaha. We first talked in Jan’s WP site about Korean Visa.^^ Sorry for posting here.. I was looking for the “Send Me An Email” option in your site but wasn’t able to find one. I saw the Sungkyunkwan pic and immediately clicked on it (and read the entire post 😉 ).. I’ll just leave my question here if you don’t mind..

    Hmmm, about the Korean visa, do you think the Consular Office here in Cebu will process Visa? Or perhaps assist me in processing Visa without having to go to Manila? I can’t just file a Vacation Leave from work as I am trying to reserve it for the trip to Seoul (if ever I can go *crosses fingers*). Did you inquire last May about this? >..<
    I'm suffering from a second-lead-protagonist syndrom xD Blame it to Dr. In Sung! Waaaa!

    Thanks again 🙂

    • thelonetravelercarl

      yeah krispinkcreme, i still remember you. I forgot to post a message in Jan’s WP regarding my visit in Korean Consulate in Cebu last month. After I traveled 3 days overseas and planned my week vacation in Korea for half a year, the visa application was the only thing giving me the hard time. Without enough sleep and still having jet lag, I went to the Korean Consulate in UC Mezzanine in Banilad and the receptionist just told me that they don’t process/ accept VISA application in Cebu. It should be directed to their embassy in Manila. I even tried to ask them if they can just forward my application there since for what purpose is having a consular office if they don’t make it easier for the applicants residing far from the embassy in Manila.
      They just told me to tie up with an accredited travel agency and let the agency do the filing for you, they recommended Del Mar travel and tours in Ramos St. So upon hearing those words, I automatically turned my back at them and said that I’ll just visit Korea on 2014 since I have more time to process and go to Manila directly for VISA application.
      What a waste of time and effort for me, nonetheless, I’ve got the info from them. So for you krispinkreme, better plot those days going to Manila for VISA filing.
      I just hope that in the near future, they will make amendment to process application in their consular office.
      Good luck and josimhaeyo!

      • krispinkcreme31

        Hi Carl! Mianhae. I just noticed ealier that I called you “Jan” on my post. Lol. >.<
        Thank you so much for the information. I really appreciate it 🙂
        Awww 🙁 A bit disappointed about this whole VISA thing 🙁
        I really would like this Seoul trip to push through (my friend and I promised to do this before 2013 ends).
        I'm still determined to process everything Carl. Lol.
        I can leave for 2 days and go to Manila to process my visa, but— what if, it gets an approval (sounds a lil bit impossible, lol. crosses fingers)?! Like, do I have to go back to Manila and claim it? Do you think they can just send it to me or something (I know they won't coz 1st time visa applicants need to claim it personally)? T_T
        I'm sorry for asking you about these stuffs again Carl. An info from you will really help me and my friend 🙂 Thank you sooooo much ^^

        • thelonetravelercarl

          Its OK krispinkcreme, munje eopseoyo.
          But regarding the claiming of passport, I am unsure also if it really needs to be claimed by you but I’ve read some posts in the net that it can also be taken by someone (like a friend) but he/she needs to have a letter of authorization or an SPA. I don’t know whose site it was and I can’t remember where I’ve read it but it’s not confirmed as well if this information is true.
          Sorry if I can’t answer your question with certainty. 🙁

      • krispinkcreme31

        Thank you for the quick response Carl! Aww, do not apologize if you’re not sure about the info you provided. As what I’ve said, giving me an info is already a great help, as I’ll be adding it to my travel stuff info list ^^ Hmm, I see. Now, this is where I always hesitate. What if I’ll file a vacation leave for this visa stuff and in the end, it doesn’t get approved or something. Waaaa.. It’s okay if it won’t get an approval as long as their office is just a walk away from my place, but ugggh.. xD Omona— I don’t know what to doooo :'(

        • thelonetravelercarl

          You’re welcome. Me too. I also hesitate and keep on thinking of the ‘what ifs’ in a situation like this. But at least you try. Just think positive. 🙂

  • krispinkcreme31

    Currently hooked in I Do, I Do ♥

  • krispinkcreme31

    Again Carl, sorry for asking you like you know how this whole VISA stuffs really work, but I would really appreciate it if you can provide me with any information and advise :’) Thanks!

    • thelonetravelercarl

      It’s ok, jeongmal.
      Coz if I were you, I will do the same thing, asking people who might know some info. But in this situation, I am not that person since I have never tried or experienced it. It’s also hard to contact the embassy coz for sure they will just ignore your e-mail messages since I’ve tried sending e-mails too a lot of times but I’ve never gotten a single response from them.
      죄송해요 ;(. 하지만, 화이팅!

  • krispinkcreme31

    Hi Carl! Now this is not about VISAs. Lol.
    It’s nice to know fellow K-Drama fans ;’)
    Are you watching “Book Of The House Of Gu”? xD
    It has the same aura with Arang and the Magistrate^^

    PS: I really love sageuk series~<3
    Doesn't even matter if that sageuk series has a whooping 100 eps or whatseover :"D

    • thelonetravelercarl

      HI Krispinkcreme! Hahaha not about VISA anymore…. Well, with Book of the House of Gu, I still haven’t watched it since I just downloaded episodes by episodes. I’m still at episode 6 along with Jang Ok Jung.After I have downloaded all episodes, that’ll be the time for me to burn my candle every night.. =)

      I’m not familiar with sageuk series. =( coz when I download K-dramas, I always make sure that they are not more than 25 episodes.

      Ahhh sageuk, u mean the type of K-drama series, I was thinking it is the title of the show.. Yes, I love sageuk series too. They are colorful, rich in history and many more. Yet still I’m not into a long dragging TV series. More than 25 episodes is already killing me. 😉

      • krispinkcreme31

        Nyahahaha! Same here. Before, I always make sure that they are not more than 20 episodes. Hmmph, I guess I really made a big mistake in watching Jumong (81 episodes). Now, I can endure watching k-dramas with more than 50 episodes. Aish~~~

        Waaaa. I added Jang Ok Jung to my TO-WATCH-LIST.
        I’ve been following Heebin’s story and I’m so curious about this series.. (Gosh, Yoo Ah In as King Sukjong! He’s my bias in Sungkyunkwan Sc actually <3 )

        • thelonetravelercarl

          Yeah, I am also interested on Jang Hee-bin’s story since in Queen In-hyeon’s series, Hee-bin was portrayed as a bad woman yet I really want to know why she went to the dark side. 😉
          With Yoo Ah In, just finished watching Fashion King last month and I was furious with the ending. Have you seen it, Krispinkcreme? Jinjja seulpeuda. ;(

      • krispinkcreme31

        Hi Carl! It’s me again XD
        Ne~~ Nado~ In the drama Dong Yi, I find Heebin’s character really interesting. So when I heard of JOJ, I was so curious and I know I would really like the series because it’s a sageuk^^

        Haven’t watched Fashion King yet but my sister did watch it (she’s a huge fan of Shin Se Kyung, and I’m a fan of Yuri).
        Tragic ending? Geuraeyo? :O Waaaaa..
        Once I have my lappy, Imma start catching up the series I missed.

        And about applying for a passport (this time it’s passport, not VISA. Lol), is it much better to let a travel agent prepare the appointment and stuff? You think it’s more convenient?

        Annyeong Carl!

        • thelonetravelercarl

          Annyeong Krispinkcreme!

          Yeah, tragic ending indeed, too obscure but it was also nice. Letting the viewers open their eyes that not all stories end in a happy way.

          In regards to passport, well, I’ve never done it thru an agent but I’ve heard that travel agents do ask money much or even the same price of the passport fee. That’s why I always do it by myself and besides what’s the use of having a travel agent do it for you, now that you still need to be there to take your picture. The only problem when you apply for passport personally is the long queue. I don’t know what is the process now but way back 2011 when I renewed my passport. I woke up by 2AM and went to DFA which was still in Osmena Blvd in Cebu. Luckily, I was included in the first 20s, waited til the office opens and processed it within 2-3 hours only.

          But, now, I don’t really know what is the procedure for getting a passport coz before there were no appointments needed. If you will go for a travel agent, always remember that money does the work. Well since I am a tightfisted person, that is why I do the processing myself. It is also an adventure for me, meeting new people along the way. 😉

      • krispinkcreme31

        Waaa. Based from its title, I really can’t think of any tragic scenes (vengeance, perhaps?). Hua~~~ I see. I will do my best to watch this series before 2013 ends ㅠㅠ

        Hmmm, you are right Carl. Travel agencies are way too expensive. It’s just that I’m worried about the long queue. I’m willing to process the passport by myself ^^ Wish me luck ;'(

        Do you listen to Kpop songs too? *^^*

        • thelonetravelercarl

          Yeah I do, I listen to K-Pop songs but mostly songs from the K-drama series that I’ve been watching, OSTs.

          I am not following any specific band or group. As long as I like the tune then I’ll download it and play it over and over again 😉 ’til I can get the lyrics and the meaning.

          Fashion King, well, hmmmmm… see it for yourself. =)

          Passport filing….way too easy. Yah better do it by yourself. Start doing everything you like by yourself. I’ve been traveling solo for quite some time and with that travels I had, I got a lot of things in return. I became more independent and doesn’t need help for travel agencies anymore. That is why I’ve been studying hangul for months for me to understand and converse with Koreans for my plan trip to SK next year.

          Of course, you can do it. Its just a passport application. And since you are the one processing it, you will know the steps/ flow/ procedures and everything when you will need to renew your passport after 5 years or even share your experiences with your friends who want to get a passport, too.

          AJA, hwaiting! 😉

      • krispinkcreme31

        Again, thanks for the info Carl! Appreciate it a looot ^^
        Do you have an SNS acct that I can follow aside from your WP Blog? ;’)

      • krispinkcreme31

        Hi Carl, it’s me again^^ Lol.
        You know what, K-Dramas are the reason as to why I became a huge K-Pop fan (because of the OSTs that makes my watching experience exciting!) xD

        Nice one ;’) Yeah, me too. It’s the thought of the song that really matters^^

        Just a K-Pop random stuff, you can try to listen to these songs or perhaps watch their music videos (if you haven’t seen it yet).

        – SNSD’s Into The New World
        – Infinite’s Nothing’s Over

        The second song, is my inspiration song. Lol. It’s the most played on mah phone when I travel~~~

        Fashion King: Yesh, I will! I already made a mental note that I will surely watch it before 2013 ends :’))

        Thank you so much for inspiring me to continue this adventure. 감사합니다♥ You’re amazing!^^

        Yes, I’ll do my best for this trip. Waaaa.
        I will surely update you Carl “if ever” my SK Trip will push through *prays*
        I really wanted to go to SK. I needed to see this place with my own eyes. I wanted to be engulfed by the language and the food and hearing Korean music as I walk the streets— SK is like my second home.. Going there will kill my nostalgia (I think it is possible to feel nostalgic to a place you’ve never been to, yeah? Traveler’s feeling? xD).

        Mianhae, my fangirl side activates again. Correction, SUPER ACTIVATES again T_T

        • thelonetravelercarl

          Same thing here. Due to K-Dramas that I loved to listen to K-musics. Fashion King’s Standstill is the most played song in my iPod along with Seeyah’s songs.

          I have that same feeling too and I felt like SK is my second home. I even daydream of me walking in N Tower and riding the train from Seoul Station to Jongno Station passing thru Gyeongbukgong palace. ahhaha that was what I felt before when I was counting the days for my planned SK trip. But that bubble just burst out when I got to the visa issue. Too bad but I’ll make sure to go there next year, may it be winter or fall.

          For now, I stopped listening to K-musics and watching K-dramas coz I have an examination coming that I need to concentrate. Few more days, wish me luck… After the exam, I’ll be back to viewing K-drama. I already have my long list eheheh starting from Return of Iljimae, Faith, My Princess, Prosecutor Princess, Bachelor’s Vegetable Store, Gu Family Book and Jang Ok Jung and also Wonderful Mama which was shot in Cebu.

      • krispinkcreme31

        안녕! 덥따. Carl! Krispink again ;’)
        I’ll try to listen to that song^^ *

        Ikr 🙁
        The VISA thing is really stressful :'(
        We can do this Carl.^^

        Oh, I see! Wish you all the best! Fighting! College exam?
        Yeah~~ be inspired! After the exam, say annyeong to panda eyes! Lol. K-Dramas to watch are on queue! :’D

        You are liking my posts on mah old site^^ 고마워여~~♥
        I do have now a new site~~


        The krispinkcreme site is a temporary one~~ xD

        • thelonetravelercarl

          안녕 Krispink!

          네, we can do this. 화이팅!
          College exam 아니요. Just needed to take this exam for a very important reason.
          For your new site, I visited it but I can’t follow it so I’ve searched ur WP and followed it instead.

  • krispinkcreme

    Hi Carl! 오랜만이에용! How are you? Still remember me? Of course you will! Look at the visa-passport-kdrama thread we made last year! XD Waaa. I can’t believe that it’s already June 2014! Thank you for always replying/answering my questions way back ^_^ My friend and I are still not able to process both passport and visa 🙁 But hopefully we can process it within this year <3

    TC Carl!

    • thelonetravelercarl

      Annyeong Krispinkcreme!

      Yes, of course. I still remember you. Why and what happened? Where were you this past year that you weren’t able to process your visa and passport? Anyway, good to hear from you and fingers crossed that you will get the visa soon.
      Me, I’m good but I won’t be going to Korea for now. I’ll be going somewhere.

      Take care also! 😉

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