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I  just recovered from a week home confinement due to flu and here I am writing another post of my travels. I am not really a writer but I love to write about things that I am passionate about cause it gives me relief from stress and provides me a whole new world away from reality.

Few weeks ago, I wrote an article about my childhood town, Calape. Right next to it is the town of Tubigon and I always visit this town since one of my aunts live here. I only took less photos cause I was thinking that I can always come back whenever I wanted to but now that I’m out of Bohol, I felt sad when I reminisce the past and no pictures to glance to when you feel homesickness.

At times when I was still in Bohol, I thought that Tubigon will be the next city in the province for it is also a busy town since it has its own port. Ships come and go every hour from and to Cebu City from fast crafts to ordinary sea vessels. Fast crafts such as SeaJet, Starcraft, and Lite Express travel from/ to Cebu every hour or two in interval and take about 45mins to an hour trip while ordinary sea vessels like Jadestar and Lite Shipping takes two or more hours ride.

Traveling from Cebu City to Bohol via Tubigon is more economical compared to a boat trip directly to Tagbilaran City. You can get a ride for PhP200 rather than getting the CEB-TAG for PhP800 if you are not taking advantage of the boat’s travel package.

Tubigon is also different from other town, it’s like a gateway from neighboring islands. The church is also amazing to look at. Tubigon might not be attached to any tourist destinations in the province but the name of the town is famous if you wanna see Bohol in a tight budget. People prefer to get the CEB-TUB route for it’s affordable and they can also see a quarter of Bohol if they wanna go to the city.


Due to the earthquake which struck Bohol last October 15, 2013, the church of Tubigon was destroyed and lost its façade and other structures in the church complex. It is still waiting for reconstruction under the aid of National Cultural Heritage Act.

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