The Addiction Continues

 In Bohol, Homebound, The Philippines

As what I have posted on one of my entries weeks ago that I started getting hooked with Korean TV series when I got sick, it never happen that I stop from viewing it. I felt like I was under drugs that I need to get a daily dose of it every day or I will have symptoms of withdrawal if I stop. It appeared I was addicted to Korean television series and ended up wanting to speak their language, Hangeul. I even post messages in romanized hangeul in my facebook account without knowing it. It is really true that once you started viewing Korean drama series, it’ll become a habit and is harder for a person to stop. Korean drama series has indeed have an amazing and interesting plots, the sudden twist that viewers can’t expect what will happen that’ll make you wanting more. After I got better from my cough and colds, I finished Sungkyunkwan Scandal.Sungkyunkwan14

The story of Sungkyunkwan Scandal was kinda intriguing, talking about treason and corruption within the government. It is not uncommon that all people appointed to govern the country will do all good. I like the lines delivered, the meaning behind those and learnings. I like also the soundtrack, song by JYJ’s Found You.

Then after that, I immediately started another romantic comedy series entitled, Protect the Boss.post_9344_user_9714_1314815539Protect_The_Boss_OST_Part_7

This series was one of the many best comedy stories I have seen. It can happen in real life and it doesn’t show any violence made out of love. If you have noticed other movies or dramas, the arch-enemy always looks for ways to get rid of the main act for the sake of love which is giving the viewers a bad connotation of the word/ feeling, LOVE. It also implies in this series that love doesn’t know or set boundaries with regard to social/ financial stature in life. It was also funny and I got to laugh most of the time when I was watching this. I also like the soundtrack, songs like I’ll Protect You by Kim Jaejoong and Let Us Just Love by A Pink.

Next to that was Cheongdam Dong Alice.45535-baek-ah-yeon-cheongdam-dong-alice-ost-ranks-number-1-on-music-charts

With Cheongdamdong Alice, it taught me the value of money and love. People will say that money makes the world go round, and others would say love is the center of every person’s life. It was nice and kinda new approach of a Cinderella mixed with Alice in Wonderland story but in a lot nicer and complicated way. The saying struck me most, “If a rich person loves a poor person, that is commendable. But if a poor person loves a rich one, they say that’s ridiculous.” It was an eye-opener. I also love the soundtrack, a song from Baek Ah Yeon’s Daddy Long Legs and K. Will’s Love Like This. I totally love it and right after I finished watching it,  I already miss the cast. This series just finished last week of last month. I gave it two big thumbs up!

Due to this, I have liked to stay at home and do nothing, just plainly staring at my laptop til it’s time to eat or sleep. My addiction continues and that makes me Homebound. But even though I stayed at home, I still got time to write and post entries regarding my travels. Well, actually there are not travels, I only feature what is in my neighborhood at the time when I was still there. The memories I have and everything along with it. Probably, I’ll be changing my blog’s name to Korean drama addicts and no longer be a traveler =). Yet still I consider this kind of activity as part of my travel or journey called LIFE.

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