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Bohol is a famous tourist destination in the Philippines. It has a lot of tourist attractions but mostly tourists came to Bohol for an ultimate reason and that is, to go to the beach. The famous white sand beaches of Panglao are a must see and must dip when you visit our lovely province, but did you know that before you go to Panglao, you will pass by a town named Dauis. Yes, even though it is not known like Panglao beaches but this town has also something to offer for those travelers who preferred to discover or want to embark on an untracked journey.

Dauis can be reached either thru Butalid Causeway or thru Borja Bridge from the city centre. It is a 15 to 30-minute travel.

How to get there:

You can hail a taxi for around PhP150 depending on the route the driver will take since there are two bridges that connect Tagbilaran City to Panglao Island. Or you can take a jeepney for just PhP15 for the fare.

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  • Evan Iliadis

    Nice blog, rich in content and information about Bohol. Something is missing though. The most valuable treasure Bohol is proud of, he friendliest people on earth that is, is not mentioned.

    • thelonetraveler

      Well, thanks Evan Iliadis. I didn’t think of that at first and I never thought that you guys seen us, Boholanos, the friendliest. Thank you so much and I am happy that from a different person’s perspective, you’ve seen unique and distinct characteristics of the Boholanos.
      Thank you also for visiting and appreciating my blog. I am not really a good writer, this is just my hobby to kill time and I just write anything I have in mind. Thus, it makes it incomplete and lacking some details. The things that I wrote are the stuff that I have experienced and tried. =)
      In addition to that, I still have entries that talk about Bohol. Next time, I’ll make sure to write what you have said. Again, thanks and enjoy the day!

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