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 In Bohol, The Philippines

I had this trip way back 2009 wherein I just wanted to let myself loosen up. I had visited this town Sierra Bullones.

Sierra Bullones is in the middle point of the island of Bohol. It takes two and a half hours to travel by land thru public transportation to get there from the capital city, Tagbilaran.

At that time, I have heard rumors about a resort on top of the mountain with a great view of the hills below.  It is located specifically in Brgy. Matin-ao which is another 30mins to an hour drive going there from downtown Sierra Bullones. It’s called Paradise Hills Resort.

The entrance fee was affordable and you will get amenities like an outdoor swimming pools, game centers, restaurants, sports facilities, conference hall and they also have rooms if you want to spend the night in the resort for an additional fee. Yet, going there is priceless when you get to see the amazing view atop of the mountain.


Sorry for the low quality of the photos since these pictures were way taken back 2009 thru a mobile phone.

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