Life On The Road

 In The Philippines

I have created this blogsite last October 2010 but just recently posted my adventures I had when I was exploring the Philippines. I have been on the road for quite some time from January of 2011 to mid-2012 and just had the time to write my experiences I had for me to share. I’ve been discovering, having a great time wandering, trying new stuff and it all happened within my homeland, THE PHILIPPINES.

Most of my time have been spent waiting on queues, on the road, waiting for schedules or flights but I never had regrets even though those were considered a dead time. Instead, I went out, opened my backpack, and pointed the lenses of my bloggie/ digital camera and took images.

Even though, I have spent all my savings I had in my bank account or wallet but the memories I have during my trips were priceless. I may have traveled to different provinces alone but I got to meet new faces, had friendly conversations, and learnt how they live their lives as locals.

Here are the images I captured during the days when my life was mostly spent on the road.[slideshow]

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