Famous Manila Landmarks II: Intramuros

 In Metro Manila, The Philippines

In continuation to my series of visits to Famous Manila Landmarks, the next place I visited is Intramuros which is just adjacent to Rizal Park or Luneta Park. Intramuros is known as the Walled City which was built during Spanish colonization to protect the city from foreign invasion. It is also known as the oldest district in Manila and carries the historic essence of the capital of the country.

Now, Intramuros has been a great place to discover the past of what the country has been through during the Spaniard period to the World War days. This has been a good place also for schools and good thing, they were able to preserve the old churches within the walls. There are a lot of attractions you can see in Intramuros. There is this Manila Cathedral,

San Agustin Church,

the Ruins of Intendencia,

Palacio del Gobernador,

and a lot of schools and establishments springing out from here to there. Yet, still it is evident that this place has gone through a lot of destruction and war during the past centuries by the rubble and ruins manifested in some sights.

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