It’s Getting Into My Nerves

 In Cebu, Homebound, The Philippines

I needed a month of R&R (rest and relaxation) but in the end, I’ve got a message that tells me that my certification is up for renewal. For the renewal, I need to submit updated validation and verification from different organizations and offices. I also need to sit on an examination. So, basically it turned my one month needed vacation into a spree of running errands, getting those updated forms, a week of self-review for my test.

I’ve been working for almost straight 2 years and I’ve got no other choice but to finish these tasks. With this kind of weather in the Philippines, I would have gone to the beach, basking on the sun, getting tan, drinking booze, meeting other people, dining out, but what I am doing right now is sickening me and it is getting into my nerves. I am just staying at home, writing this post as my frustrations grow bigger and bigger. Currently, I am listening to audios (conversations of native English speakers), reading passages, trying to interpret a graph, and of course, I’ve been doing monologues. I’ve been talking to myself in preparation for my examination. Now, you got a hint what kind of test I’ll be going to take. Yes, it is. It is indeed, the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Exam.

It has been a long time that I didn’t get myself assessed with any examinations for the last 2 years since I’ve been busy taking care of other thing else. Even though, I love to write but I still find it the hardest thing to do. Conversing in a second language which is English is still uncomfortable for me. This is the reason that I can’t just disregard this examination, I need to make preparation since I am not a native English speaker and my English communication skills is not polished enough.

In addition to that, taking the IELTS exam costs PhP8,986 wherein you can’t close your eyes after shelling out that amount of money. And wait there is more since the location for the said exam will be in Cebu City, so, I still need to find a place to stay which I will need another bucks to handle that matter.SAM_0002

——2 weeks after——

I already took the IELTS examination on the second week of May which was held in SME Training Centre in Cebu. For the location, you can visit this site. With a place to crash, I made a reservation in Cebu Parklane International Hotel since they were offering a Summer Blast promo for PhP2,800 for a night. If you want to try their Summery Splurge Splendid Promotional Offer, you can visit their site, here. The entire IELTS test experience was nerve-wracking but I got to enjoy it since I can unwind and de-stress with the hotel facilities that I stayed in.SAM_0025Two-bedroom with one extra bedSAM_0026Study Table, television, lamp, and the windowSAM_0031Cebu City view outside my hotel room windowSAM_0033the toiletSAM_0035the bathtub

As a conclusion, all I can say is Whooahh. It surely made my vacation penniless. Now, I’m broke, free and just waiting for the result that will be released within 13 days from the written test date. With the result, you can access it online as well as apply for the exam by clicking here, just make sure to choose the right country that you will take the test.

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