A Day Spent at Bohol Bee Farm

 In Bohol, The Philippines


Bohol Bee Farm is a famous restaurant located in the municipality of Dauis in the island of Panglao. From the city centre, it will take about 30 mins or less to get there. The only problem though is the accessibility of going there since there are limited public vehicles that goes to that location, much better if you hire someone in the city to send you off and fetch you once you’re done for a very reasonable price. With having problems with transportation, they have come up of putting up restaurants in malls, thus, making Buzz Cafe famous within Tagbilaran City. You can find Buzz Cafes in Island City Mall and Galleria Luisa.

Anyways, after arriving at Bohol Bee Farm, you can directly see their stores selling organic foods from appetizers down to desserts. You can even buy homemade ice creams with their famous flavors of malunggay, guyabano, and other common ice cream flavors. You can either choose to serve it in a bowl or thru a cassava cone.bee07

While enjoying your cold treat, you can wander and explore the farm by going down the coast area. For you to access this area, you need to be a guest in their hotel. In my case, I just told them to let me see it for a minute or two to take pictures and give them my word that I will spread this to everyone I knew of how good the beach area is.bee09 (2)on the stairway going down to the beach

bee17sitting and tanning loungebee16the view

After seeing the beach view, I automatically went to their resto area to dine and try the food that the people have been talking about. The service was good and I didn’t wait to an extent of starving. Everything was going smooth.bee26the best food I tasted so far… Spaghetti with Shrimps and Tomatoes. They can still improve it if they were using cherry tomatoesbee27Spare Ribs with Organic Red Rice, Mango and Green Bananabee28Honeyglazed Chicken with Organic Flower Salad and Red Rice

Before these main dishes were served, appetizers were also served of cabcab paired with jams and pesto with freshly baked bread.

For drinks and beverages, they offered wide selections of fruits shakes, fruit chillers, fruit juices, and cold drinks that will quench your thirst. When talking about desserts, Bohol Bee Farm doesn’t come last. They also have long list of delectable desserts ranging from halo-halo down to ice creams as I’ve mentioned.

If you love their products, you can also buy these through their store just outside of the restaurant area and they are good for pasalubongs.

Come and visit Bohol Bee Farm. You shouldn’t miss this one of a kind experience if you happen to be near Panglao Island.

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