Sun-Kissed at Sagbayan Peak Water Park

 In Bohol, The Philippines

I never thought that I can get the vacation I wanted. Last month’s post, I was blabbering about not able to go sun dipping due to some errands to run to and test to sit in. But right after the exam and all those errands been taken care of, I directly went out and have some fun. I did some little walking in the city centre and found out a new attraction called Galleria Luisa. A week after that, I did some gastronomic adventure at Bohol Bee Farm and tried its organic products.

This week, my wish came true after having daydreams of going swimming. I was thinking of a better place to go and then this water park popped up out of my head since I haven’t been there yet. So, I headed to Sagbayan Peak Water Park.SAM_0022

Maybe you have heard about Sagbayan Peak when you visited Bohol and all you just experienced were looking on those perfect cone hills and some attractions up on the hill but you never heard of the water park, then, you haven’t experienced all of Sagbayan Peak yet.SAM_0025Entrance fee is for PhP50, cottage rental is for PhP50 as well with complimentary drink of iced tea upon entering.

SAM_0026cottages at PhP50 for whole day rentSAM_0030nice weather and view for swimming, water was cold with few guestsSAM_0032different angle of the restaurantSAM_0037Sagbayan Peak Water Park restaurant with foods coming from a different restaurant uphill, so, better make sure to make an order on an earlier time if you don’t want to get starved

That was a bit of a problem when the food service took a toll on the overall performance of the water park. But even though I’ve waited for 45 mins for my food to be served, I didn’t get bored for I was in the pool. The menu ranges from appetizers, soups, main dishes, desserts, and drinks and most of the dishes are home cooked foods. Prices were acceptable and not too expensive.

SAM_0043while waiting for my order, just looking at the swimming pool but after it took sometime I eventually dip in the pool too


the water slides, ooopss, water slide, the other one is temporarily out of order 😉


I don’t know what they called these but they sure look like umbrella showers

SAM_0053foot path/ wall that separates adult pool from kids pool

SAM_0054stairway going to the water slideSAM_0055

view atop of the water slide showing the adult pool which is 5 feet deepSAM_0056

the kids pool with water fountain at the centre

SAM_0063By 1400H, guests came in by groups and the pool was about to be filled out by swimmers and visitors alike. I have decided to just come out of the water, took my final shower and got dressed to go home. For my Sagbayan Peak Water Park visit, it was great. I got to enjoy and as a consequences of playing under the sun, I got sun-kissed and now my face and shoulders reddened, felt flaky and sore, got tanned as well. Better bring the best sunblock you have for protection from the harmful rays of the sun.

How to get to Sagbayan Peak Water Park:

Since Sagbayan is at western part of Bohol, there are a lot of tours being organised by local travel agencies or you can just hire a van, car, or a cab with a driver to get you to Sagbayan Peak.

But if you know how to get around or how transportation works in Bohol, then, you can just get into a public vehicle, make a stop at the road going to Sagbayan Peak. You won’t be lost in Bohol since Boholanos are helpful and accommodating and they will always try to give you the right direction, they are just waiting for you to ask their assistance.

Have a great trip ahead.

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