IATA Code: DMM – King Fahd International Airport

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International Air Transport Association (IATA) Location Identifier uses a 3-letter code to identify locations of airports throughout the world.430616_10150578266864667_1409983525_n

DMM or known as King Fahd International Airport which is located in Dammam, Eastern Region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the many gateways in the Kingdom. This is the last airport hub since Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is indeed my last destination. For years, I’ll be staying in this land seeking for a better future.

DMM is a top notch international airport. It is wide, spacious with elegance and great craftsmanship, a not so eye-sore view with the lights that look so dim making the ambiance more relaxing. The details on the designs, architecture are amazing. It is a masterpiece. However with a huge airport like this, it should be a busy hub but when I got to see it, it was some kind of an awkward place to walk and roam around. It is as if someone is looking at you wherever you go, got that feeling might be due to CCTV cameras installed everywhere but I didn’t find one though. The place is big that you can’t see a lot of people wandering around, I don’t know where are the people have gone to or maybe there were sleeping since there were nothing special to do in the airport. Another information I just found out when I did a quick visit in wikipedia site saying that, ‘King Fahd International Airport is the biggest airport in the Kingdom and the largest airport in the world in terms of square footage’. Whooahhh, I sat foot on the largest airport in the world, what an achievement =).

Upon entering the airport, you will directly proceed to security check for your luggages which is at left side of the main entry door. After security check, you can hang out at stalls just across the check-in counter. The problem is they only have limited stalls, stores and restaurants  while waiting for check-in. But after check-in, there are more well known restaurants and cafes like Sbarro and a Duty Free like retail shop called Al Musbah. Just right those restos and cafes are the gates for you to board the plane.

King Fahd International Airport (KFIA) serves the entire eastern region of the Kingdom with a lot of airline carriers bringing and sending travelers from/to different parts of the world. Once your plane landed in DMM, getting yourself to your city destination is possible thru King Fahd International Airport since it offers several modes of transportation to the neighboring cities of Dammam, Khobar, Dhahran and Jubail. Be it via public bus, taxi or a private limousine while enjoying the serene ride through the open desert.

Here are the photos I took in discreet since public photography in the Middle East is prohibited. Sorry for the low quality of photos since I am only using my spy camera. It is better to be safe than feel sorry at the end when the fault has been made and the evidence has spoken for itself.


Coffee Talk across the Check-In Counter 01


Check-in Counter 01 for Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways

DSC03426 DSC03431

Immigration Counter where you will get your visa stamped


Al Musbah Retail Shop


a mosque infront of the arrival exit gate



With every stopover or country I visited or stayed, I always make sure to get a souvenir and in Saudi Arabia, it is the Makkah Clock Tower.

For more information, check the airport’s website. Click here.

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