Ginormous Burning Candles of Al Jubayl

 In Al Jubayl, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a big country that is comprised of many regions and provinces and eastern province is one of those. Eastern Province is divided into different cities like any other countries. So far with my stay in this Kingdom, I’ve known Ad Dammam, Qatif, Al Khobar, Dhahran, Al Ahsa, and of course, the place I am staying in, Al Jubayl. Al Jubayl As Sinaiyah, Ash Sharqiyah or simply in English, Jubail Industrial City, Eastern Province, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the first place I’ve explored.

IMG_0299Al Jubayl As Sinaiyah, Ash Sharqiyah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Al Jubayl is widely known as an industrial city and the number 1 petroleum/ petrochemical maker in the Kingdom as far as I know. It has been quite some time that I’m residing in this province and I always see these ginormous infrastructure every day like huge burning candles. These huge barrel spitting fire lighten the evening and are good to watch. Yet with goodness comes with a great consequence. These have been causing too much pollution in the place but there is nothing we can do about it since this is the type of business that everyone can get a profit out of it due to the country’s rich of oil deposits.jubaylIMG_0356DSC03299DSC03369Marafiq’s 12 Giants on a sand-stormy day

Wisely, Saudis have thought about this ahead of time and made a better and nicer place for everyone to hang and spend quality family bonding away from a very polluted place. Thus, they separated Industrial City and had built a cleaner and environment friendly nirvana.SAM_2967SAM_2963

I don’t exactly know what they called it but I named it, the Commercial Centre. It is way better compared to the other side of the city which is the industrial area. The centre is more greener and has fresher air that is a place conducive for picnics, gatherings, and other outdoor activities. It also has a lot of shopping stalls within the street and one of the famous malls in Al Jubayl is the Fanateer Mall. So far with my stay here, I’ve been to this mall one time only since the Saudis prioritise families and females to get inside the mall and single men will just be going to other shopping centres in the city which is in the industrial side. There are also days were bachelors can do shopping inside but those days depend if there are only few shoppers going in. So, with this kind of practice they are doing, Saudi Arabia is definitely not a good place to travel and have fun due to many restrictions starting from the food to the clothes you are wearing. Even though they have these practices, I still find sense for keeping the traditions.



In Al Jubayl, it is like a Yin Yang. Two sides fused in one city. There is a good and a bad side but it will never be one without the other.

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