Food Rockin’ at Fuddruckers

 In Al Jubayl, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

You could not start a journey with an empty stomach, so, before heading to a new adventure of exploring a new land, you better fill your tummy with food.

I may not be a food addict since I do not know a lot of restaurants and I’ve never been to a lot of fancy restaurants too but one thing is for sure, I know how to enjoy food.

I had a chance to try a new taste here in the Middle East, I know it is a known restaurant but I never got the chance to try it way back when I was still in the Philippines since all I do in the Philippines was to taste the food that I am accustomed to. But here in this new land, I will grab all the opportunities if I have.

My bestfriend and I went to Al Fanateer Area and drove about 5 minutes from Fanateer Mall to the restaurant that I am talking about. I know you would laugh that it is my first time to have eaten in this restaurant coz it’s really funny for a person to have tried it just now. Ok, too much with the blah-blahs, I’ve been to FUDDRUCKERS. Now, tell me if you drop your jaw that a person like me just had his first taste in that restaurant. 😉IMG_2028

But, anyways, it maybe my first time but I had a great time eating there. In fact, I’ve ordered too much that I didn’t care about the price.

For the appetizers, my bestfriend and I have decided to order an appetizer plate comprised of different finger foods such as chicken wings, cheese rolls, and etc.IMG_2034

For the entrées, I chose Steak and Shrimp. It was perfectly cooked, it melts in my mouth and tastes so much better that I can still remember how sumptuous and delectable it was. Buttered yellow corns and soft and flavorful veggies were the side dishes paired with mashed potato but the star of that dish was that mouth-watering perfectly grilled steak with shrimp oh-so-savory.IMG_2041IMG_2042

For my bestfriend, he tried the Grilled Chicken Platter since he doesn’t eat beef or any meat. Too bad I didn’t get a picture of it and I didn’t get a piece of it too since he devour it in just minutes ;). It only means it tasted amazing.

For the drinks, I ordered Frozen Mountain and Flavored Soda Granita while for him a Refreshing Fresh Orange Juice.IMG_2032

I would have loved to try their desserts but I was full enough that my tummy was about to burst. I would have tried this Fudds Volcano.IMG_2026

I did enjoy eating there and when the chit came, my eyes were about to pop out but it was understandable. The food is worth the price. I just hope that I can go back there and try another dishes, inshaAllah! =)IMG_2059

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