2nd Day in Ras: The Attack of Camels on the Sands

 In Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Ras Al-Khair

First day of my trip in Ras Al-Khair was wet, rainy and sandy. It was raining cats and dogs the whole day. Yes, you’ve read it right. In the Kingdom, it also rains once the weather is about to change. Usually September is the last month of hot season and the start of winter. Once it rained, it signifies winter is coming and after the rain, expect a sandstorm few weeks after. Temperature plummets from 10 degrees Celsius down to 8 degrees Celsius by December which is mid-winter season in Saudi Arabia. Anyhow, on my second day in Ras Al-Khair, I felt like I went on a tour. I was wandering in the vast view of nowhere and to only see sands and camels.DSC03377

Sands and camels were everywhere and I was imagining myself in an Arabian movie caused it looked like I was on the set and ready to ride on one of those hump-y creatures. But those camels are wild and not tame, so, I just took photos whenever I see them.DSC03380DSC03391

The driver was kinda awe when he saw me sticking my face on the window of the van just like a kid looking so fascinated.DSC03394DSC03396

It was an amazing day and it completed my Arabian stay since it wouldn’t be a great Arabian experience if I haven’t seen a camel or the desert.DSC03405 DSC03400

Since I witnessed already the famous animal in the desert, I just hope I can also visit a UNESCO site in the Kingdom. ‘InshaAllah’ as what the Saudis say which means God willing in the future.DSC03404

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