Great Night and City Lights in Al Khobar and Ad Dammam

 In Ad Dammam, Al Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

When I arrived in Saudi Arabia, I was just awed with the vast desert that I can see. Traveling from places to other provinces is undeniably great with views plainly mesmerizing while seeing the desert fighting against the blue and cloudless skies.DSC03529

This is the view you will see every time you travel in Saudi Arabia. But when you reach civilization, it is another topic to be told. Since I currently reside in Al Jubayl, traveling to the famous metropolis, Al Khobar, will take me an hour. From Al Jubayl, you can take a taxi, or even private vehicles that do carpooling. When you travel long distance, just make sure you have an iqama (temporary resident card) or your passport with you for safety and security purposes. Here is the map of the eastern region of the Kingdom, land trip from Al Jubayl (in blue pin) to Al Khubar/ Al Khobar (in red pin).IMG_0562

When I got to Al Khobar, I saw a lot of amazing buildings, city lights were just fantastic, streets were filled of shoppers, people wandering and spending time with friends and families. It was like an open city. Too bad I got there at night, thus, I can’t take pictures that will show how great the city is.

I only went to one location so far and that is in King Abdul Aziz Street which is a main road in Al Khobar. Soaring the dark skies are skyscrapers in unique and different forms with architectural view at its finest. I got only 3 photos acceptable for blog posting since others weren’t that clear for I have been using my Sony bloggie for discreet photo capturing.DSC03546 DSC03548 DSC03551

After an hour I left Al Khobar and went directly to Ad Dammam, a neighboring city of Al Khobar just 30 mins ride via taxi for SAR3/ person. Here in Saudi Arabia, carpooling is famous since they can generate money thru this type of doing and since gasoline is the most cheapest commodity in the country selling for SAR0.50/liter or US$0.13/litre.

In Ad Dammam, it is where the airport, King Fahd International Airport, is located. It may not be the brightest or liveliest like Al Khobar but it also has good view to view. 😉 Busy streets were merchant sells on footpaths, mosques and their magnificence at top, and many more.DSC03573 DSC03574 DSC03576

Next time, I’ll be visiting these cities again in broad daylight for me to really capture their superbness.

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