Up Close with the Fire Breathing Giant

 In Al Jubayl, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

I have been offered for a job in another company which is within Jubail Industrial City. I was too hesitant enough of taking the offer from the company since I don’t know exactly what will I be into if I say yes. Since I love adventure and I am a risk taker so, I took the bait and I ended up working in a petrochemical company. I still didn’t know what to do and they said that, I will be working with them for just 3 months. When I heard of that statement, I was kinda relieved and just said to myself to enjoy my stay there during the entire duration of my new designation.

A driver with the company’s vehicle fetched me from my flat and drove all the way to the dusty and musty place of the industrial city. All I can see were huge barrels spitting fire atop of their nozzles resembling of a flaming candle. At that time, I have thought of quitting without even giving it a try but still a held my head up high and said, I can do this and survive this new test I have in front of me.

It was about 15 minutes to half an hour ride before we reached the company. I am not so sure if I’m allowed to say the name but let’s just skip the name for confidentiality purposes since they were really too stringent in terms of giving out information, I don’t want to write the name of the company but just look on the photos and you will know,=). Even taking photos is prohibited that you still need to submit a requisition to capture images with your camera.

When I arrived there, I found myself in the middle of the petrochemical plants and having an up close view of the fire breathing giant.

view outside the office

view outside the office



Even though, it looked like that but still I find serenity and goodness in the place when I saw the other side of the company compound. It was like an oasis in the desert when I got to see the other side wherein the Administration Building is located. The offices were set-up in an American standard. I was able to enjoy on my first day since most of the employees welcomed me wholeheartedly and even offered food for me to eat with their smiles always on their faces.

Admin Bldg

Admin Bldg

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