Expats Haven in the Kingdom

 In Al Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

2013-09-27 17.40.52

My blog has turned out to be different than what I have expected. I created this blog for me to share my travels but now, it looks like I’ve been using this blog as my diary. This might be due to no more interesting topics to post since I didn’t get the chance to travel here in my new location. Yet, recently I had this opportunity to go for a day-out with my friends and batch mates and we headed to the famous expats’ beach resort in Al Khobar called, Baher Villas Beach Resort.2013-09-27 16.42.02It was on a Friday afternoon when we traveled from Al Jubayl to Al Khobar. The trip took us about an hour and a half and to find Baher Villas Beach Resort took some little time since it was secluded and indeed a private beach resort.

When we got there, it was OK. The location is somewhat nice but not to the extent that you’ll be in awe. The only plus point for this resort is you can wear what you want. You can wear your skimpy bikinis and swimming trunks here, so, you can definitely show some skin since the Kingdom doesn’t permit to do that on public resorts.

Here are some photos I got thru my camera lens.2013-09-27 16.44.02 2013-09-27 16.48.06 2013-09-27 17.16.11 2013-09-27 17.25.482013-09-27 17.28.22We stayed there til 2100H and I had fun since it was a reunion with my friends and batch mates whom I never seen after we were dispatched to different work locations.

If you want to enjoy your weekend and forget that you are in the Kingdom, you can try Baher Villas Beach Resort with entrance fee of SR50 (USD14).

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