Mall Hopping

 In Al Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

For a tourist/traveler to better know his/her new environment, he/she needs to be one of the locals. Doing the same thing the locals are doing like for example, going to the mall to shop, dine, window shop or just plainly taking a stroll.IMG_2630One Friday morning, my friends and I have decided to visit one of the famous malls in the Eastern Region of the Kingdom. We traveled all the way from Al Jubayl to Al Khobar from 1100H. Supposedly, we had planned of taking the SAPTCO bus but by unfortunate event, the ticket office was closed. We, then, headed to the nearest taxi area to grab one cab. We arrived at Al Rashid Mall at exactly 1430H. At first, we had thought that we can’t go in since it was on a Friday which is a family day in the Kingdom and bachelors are not allowed to go inside. But, we were lucky enough for there were no security staff to prohibit us from entering the mall.

IMG_2641 Upon entering the mall, it was a different environment. It appeared like a dead establishment since all stalls and shops were closed. Of course, silly me, there were closed coz they were due to open by 1600H. So, by killing time. My friends and I just wandered around the mall even if most of the stalls were closed.IMG_2644After prayer time at exactly 1445H, the place became alive. People were just everywhere. Children were just running from here to there. Families sitting and friends talking from different sides and areas of one of the biggest malls in Al Khobar. As much as I would love to take pictures in the mall but it is kinda difficult to do that since Saudi culture doesn’t allow exposure of their public lives.
IMG_2649As I was wandering around Al Rashid, I’ve seen well-known and international brand lines of clothing. Everything was amazing and the infrastructure, the design as well of the mall.IMG_2669 IMG_2665 IMG_2664 IMG_2656Then, we left Al Rashid Mall by 1700H and went to Mall of Dhahran. A ride about 10-15 mins took us to step on the widest mall of Eastern Region. When we entered the mall, it was so vibrant. A lot of shoppers was there. Buying and others were just observing. The whole day of my mall hopping was nice. It was indeed a fun day for me and my friends but ended to have swollen legs and exhausted feet of hours of walking.IMG_2675

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