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2013 is about to end with just few minutes remaining, so, I have brought this article, reviewing what I have accomplished. Well, basically I have to look on what were written on my bucket list which I made way back the first month of the Water Snake year. On my 2013 Bucket List, I had 10 things to do and achieve and so far these goals were met:

* Just a month after I published my bucket list, I already met my 9th goal which was to: Double my site stats <as of 01/04/13, it is at 255 views>. On the 15th of  February, I already hit 511 views which doubled my site stats. I am so grateful to those who have been visiting my blog even though I consider this blogsite a mediocre work of mine. I thank you all so much for the time that you have given to take a peek on my site, I may not know all of you but I am very thankful.


Ending the year at 3,308 views.

* Fifth on the list is to Attend reunions, feast celebration and gatherings with family. Since, I’m from Bohol, Philippines and most festivities, reunions and gatherings happened during the month of May which happened to be the month I applied for vacation. I got to meet my family clan, celebrated with good food, laughed til my jaw drop and reminisced the old good times.


* On June of this year, I have visited another country. Well, basically it is not for travel purposes but it is for monetary thing to support my vice which is to wander. Honestly, I’ve been to this country already but this is the first time I’ll be shouting it loud that I was able to survive and travel here since I’d been hiding my whereabouts for months. The 2nd on my bucket list which is to Visit another country  has been met. Now, I am telling everyone that I’ve been to the Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaHere is a photo in King Fahd International Airport in Dammam.DSC03525

* Eight on my list: Always wear a smile by making friends and be more patient.

For this year, I’ve been building relationships with my co-workers. It is definitely hard how to build a lasting and trusting connection since you don’t know what they are up to or can they be really trusted and not just stab you at your back when you tattle your secrets. But with this job, I’ve gotten to know them a little and some of the few I gave them my trust. I really don’t care about their race but as long as I can feel sincerity from them, I am ready to give them my trusting and helping hand. And how can you start to build those kind of ties? Of course, thru SMILE 😉

4th was to Make renovations on our home.

1378998_679553672063306_242156971_nThis is how our home looks like during the renovation. But this photograph was taken before the magnitude 7.2 earthquake hit our land. I told my mother to take a picture of our house after the quake but somehow she needs assistance on how to upload photos in the computer. It was a good thing though that we had a renovation/ extension done since the old house that we used to live in has cracks on the wall near the ceiling and is now about to fall, leaving the roof open. That is why for now, my focus has been diverted.

Lastly, on my numero uno list; Gain weight <currently, I’m at 55 kg>.

My weight has pinned at 50+ kgs and never have it moved to 60s at all. Ending the year at 58.6 kg is not bad. At least, I maintained a normal BMI/ body mass index.IMG_2769

Note: Due to the devastating earthquake that struck our home province on October 15, 2013, my other remaining to do things on my bucket list will be postponed since I needed more time to rebuild what has been damaged and to prioritise what needs to be done first.

3- Visit a UNESCO world heritage site.

Here in Saudi Arabia, there are only few UNESCO world heritage sites. Most of those sites need to travel far which is difficult to do.

6- Undergo Lasik eye surgery.

I was about to do Lasik eye surgery when my insurance company and my employer have changed Lasik eye surgery, now, as a cosmetic eye surgery. Having it changed, now my insurance won’t cover the surgery and have to pay much as I would have expected. So with much regret of not doing it early, I would wear glasses for the rest of my life. 😉

7- Go to gym at least three times a week.

This 7th to-do on my list never came to realization at all. During summer, I said, ‘it’s too hot to sweat out’ and during cold weather, ‘it’s too cold outside’. Thus, I ended the year not going to the gym at all.

10- Save for the future!

Now, my idea of saving has changed. I save money to spend extravagantly. Few bucks left on my account and that is also because I had to help my family and relatives in the Philippines who had been victims by the magnitude 7.2 earthquake and the Super Typhoon Haiyan/ Yolanda which both happened in the months of October and November respectively.

Now, the year of the Water Snake will end in a few minutes. Let’s set aside all the negative vibes in this ending year and welcome the year of the Wooden Horse. Have a Happy and Bountiful New Year everyone!

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