A 4-Star Hotel Getaway in Holiday Inn Al Khobar – Corniche

 In Al Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

I had enough of my job and I just want to escape even for a day or two from my routine work. Then, I sat down on my desk and have thought of going out for a weekend getaway. I searched the web and I found out that one of the 4-star hotels in Al Khobar is having a room sale for a night, so, I grabbed the offer.2013-10-25 16.09.202013-10-25 16.06.56

I traveled from Al Jubayl to Al Khobar for an hour and a half. That day, everything was perfect and I was pumped up. When I arrived in this hotel named Holiday Inn Al Khobar – Corniche, I was greeted with wide smiles from the receptionist and check-in only took for 5 mins.2013-10-26 07.01.38IMG_23602013-10-25 13.46.31

When I got my room, it was also perfect. The beds were smooth, the carpet, the design, and everything were just perfect but when I got to the bathroom, I found some hair strands on the tub but it’s OK.2013-10-25 13.54.202013-10-25 13.59.352013-10-25 13.57.312013-10-25 13.54.252013-10-25 13.54.35

When I went out for lunch in A La Carte, the staff was amazing. He greeted me with a smile and amicably talked to me and took my order even though he needs to go back and forth to ask the Chef since I ordered the Main Dish and Seafood of the Day. But when I went out to take some dip on their pool, I was shocked coz I was thinking they have one. But it was just a fountain jets but still the view compensated for lacking of swimming facilities.IMG_2366IMG_2367

So, to sum it up. My whole weekend stay in this hotel was amazing and almost perfect. I would definitely recommend it to my friends to stay here and I have decided that every month, I’ll be having a weekend getaway.IMG_2365 IMG_2364 IMG_2362 IMG_2361For quotes, inquiries, reservations, check their site here.

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    • thelonetravelercarl

      I never heard the news about men got whip lashes. Well, news here in Saudi Arabia are usually blocked but I never bother to read them anyways. Of course, I know the rules here in the Kingdom and I won’t do such act that will get me into trouble. This is not our territory so we need to be invisible and not to get more attention from the local authorities. It was awesome indeed. But of course it could have been better, if there was a party with alcohol and girls 😉
      You are here also in KSA, Micky?
      Thanks for dropping by and have a great day ahead.
      Best regards,

      • lordsofthedrinks

        Well no. I am quite interested in the mysterious Arabian world, but so far I only visited Morocco (was awesome). I think as long as Saudi Arabia has these strict laws it will take a while before I come to visit haha
        Enjoy your time there!

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