One Day Gluttony

 In Al Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Every person craves for something they want. These cravings do usually happen when you are stressed or feeling excited or just without a cause. Once in a month, I gave into my cravings and most of the time its about food. It happened on a sunny Sunday. I was walking in a park and I felt a splurge looking for something sweet, cold and delicious. For me to meet that, I looked unto the four corners of where I am standing and to me surprise I found a familiar logo of a famous coffee maker in the world.IMG_2377 I went directly to where that signage was and to think of it I was in Al Khobar seafront. Once I got there, I felt like I was in a Mecca of Restaurants. The 360 view of the place is all filled with different internationally known restaurants.IMG_2379 But because I was looking for something cold and to quench my thirst from my roundabout stroll in the seafront park. I headed to Starbucks and got a cup of cold white chocolate frappucino. IMG_2375In just minutes, I got bottoms up and had some brain freeze. And the remaining hours, I was just slacking off at Starbucks Al Fresco looking to people passing by.IMG_2376

I have thought that I already satisfied my cravings for food but at 12 o’ clock, I was looking for something greasy, burnt and with gravy. I was still sitting in Starbucks and I glanced to a near restaurant and I chose TGI Fridays. My stomach just murmured and gave me an idea that my lunch will be served there. At TGI Fridays, upon entering, I was greeted with a smile by the staff. He offered me a table of two since I called a friend to help and dine with me. 2013-10-25 18.21.23Eating alone is kinda depressing. You can’t make any comments or talk to someone if you are satisfied with the food or not. My friend arrived and I called the staff to hand out the menu.2013-10-25 18.12.34 There were wide selections of food. From pasta to pizza to burger to steak and many more. My friend ordered Bruschetta grouper for he hasn’t eaten fish for quite some time. While me, I was jumping from one page to the other not knowing which is which. The menu did show how sumptuous and mouth watering their food were, so, clearly I haven’t made up my mind. When this happens, I usually use my lifeline and that is used to utilize the staff’s opinion about their food. I asked him what food is the best in their restaurant. He offered me to take that barbecue spare ribs which is a signature dish of TGI Fridays and to pair it with ice cold bottomless iced tea. So, without hesitation, I coincided with his suggestion. For the appetizer, we chose fried calamari. IMG_2334Within 15 to 30 minutes, the entreés were served. For my friend’s drink, he ordered strawberry mango lemonade.2013-10-25 18.25.46 The fried calamari was good but I was kinda disappointed with the barbecue spare ribs because the gravy overpowered the flavor of the ribs.IMG_2340 On the other hand, the Bruschetta grouper was cooked to perfection.IMG_2339 It was smooth, moist and flavorful. After the entreé, I was planning to get a dessert but I was full. So I ended up calling the waiter for the chit. If given the chance that I will come back in TGI Fridays, I will choose the Angus beef steak and of course paired up with the thirst killer, iced tea. I actually love it.

After that lunch, my friend and I went out and had a walk at the coastline of the Persian Gulf. Few hours after, I was thirsty again and I invited my friend to have some thirst quencher in Starbucks. IMG_2378This time, I had a white chocolate mocha frappuccino while my friend had a chocolate cream frappuccino. IMG_2412And after a few sips, we called it a day.

Back in my hotel, I was on my way going to my room when I stumbled in a restaurant in the hotel. So instead of going to my room, I directly headed to the restaurant named Á La Carte.IMG_2388I was welcomed by the waiter and assisted me to my table. He offered me the menu and as I was glancing at it, I remembered if my roommate came back from his trip. So, I checked by calling our room phone and alas, he’s there and I invited him to eat dinner with me. He came in the restaurant and made an order.IMG_2385 I was kinda intrigued on the menu coz it showed 2 different dishes, so, I conspired my friend to choose the seafood of the day while I choose the main dish of the day both with mango juice.IMG_2391IMG_2389 In this restaurant, they made sure that everything that comes out from the kitchen is cooked perfectly and without a doubt, they did justice to the food and deserved to be commended. My dinner was amazingly without any flaws. Kudos to the Chef and thanks for the complimentary dessert. The steak was perfect, the sauce, and everything. I definitely want to go back there. I already miss the food. So basically it was One Day Gluttony. But I had fun and it never happened that day that my stomach grumbled again. The next day, I just had waffles and pancakes for breakfast, all for myself yet still I don’t gain weight.2013-10-26 06.35.52

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