Lovin’ the Sea Breeze at Fanateer Beach

 In Al Jubayl, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

I was looking on the window of my flat and I had come to realise that I never got the chance to enjoy my current location. Since Al Jubayl is a coastal province, why not enjoy, sit back and relax in the beach.

One foggy morning when winter season is just around the corner, I had the time to just walk around the coastal zone of Al Jubayl. For me to enjoy the view, I have thought of better doing it in Fanateer Beach. The climate was not so cold and warm but still foggy. I started to walk at 1100H while on hand my camera to take a shot on any scene that captures my attention. Walking thru the Fanateer Area is about 8 kilometres. But you won’t notice the time since along the footpath are restaurants and nice views of different buildings. It is also beneficial on my part since I haven’t gone to the gym recently, so it is a way for me to remove those toxins such as bad cholesterol in my system. At 1100H, I started at Fanateer Picnic Area.2013-11-27 11.18.022013-11-27 11.18.16 2013-11-27 11.19.34 2013-11-27 11.21.04Then I passed this docking area for yachts, boats, and ferries. Here, they are offering tourists and locals an attraction where you can get in one of the yachts and have a tour on the sea.2013-11-27 11.22.132013-11-27 11.23.28Few minutes after passing the docking area, the scenery changed. Now, I saw buildings and parks. One of those buildings is SABIC Headquarters. The SABIC building really got my attention since it was massive but not compared to other buildings and skyscrapers in Al Khobar though.2013-11-27 11.29.422013-11-27 11.32.28For 35 minutes of walking, I was already at a place where restaurants were everywhere but for me I resisted the urge to eat since I am not done yet traveling. Restaurants like Fuddruckers, Chilis, Sparkys, and some international restos. And here’s what I got.2013-11-27 11.36.40 2013-11-27 11.43.43 2013-11-27 11.49.12Then at exactly 1200H, I saw sands, I mean white sand. It was already the beach area where you can swim. There were huts for swimmers or picnickers. I sat there for 10 minutes and I just love the sea breeze.2013-11-27 11.50.27 2013-11-27 11.53.30 2013-11-27 12.14.26 2013-11-27 12.17.20 2013-11-27 12.20.18My attention was also caught by this view. Mosque and these pillars just made it more interesting to come there.2013-11-27 11.45.46 2013-11-27 12.01.11Well, to sum it up I walked for about an hour or two back and forth to Al Fanateer area. And what would be the best thing to do after fulfilling your eyes with great sight and your weary feet than to go to a fine dining restaurant to fulfill your tummy with mouth-watering food.

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