Seafood and Chinese Cuisine for Lunch

 In Al Jubayl, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Since I’m in the Middle East so, most of the time, I am eating food in Mid-Eastern style. Then, one day I just had enough of it and I have thought what it tastes like a seafood and Chinese cuisine in the middle of the Eastern region of the Kingdomland. It is also a good idea to spend Chinese New Year by eating Chinese food.

There is this perfect restaurant near the coast of the Fanateer Beach. I was curious enough what the food tastes like since I’ve been wanting to try it but never got the chance to come and dine there. Then, that day came. I was standing just outside the restaurant looking on my wallet and have thought, would my money cover the food that I am going to eat there? But without hesitation, I went inside.IMG_2531It is actually a 3-story restaurant wherein the second floor is occupied by a Chinese Restaurant and the third floor is the Yacht Seafood Restaurant but you can order in both restaurants.IMG_2530Red Dragon is the name of the Chinese restaurant, I went inside. It was 30 minutes after twelve but the place is totally empty. I don’t know why but maybe people tend to choose the Yacht Seafood than the Red Dragon. Here are photos where I dined:2013-11-27 13.25.18 2013-11-27 13.33.11 2013-11-27 13.33.25And one more thing, the view outside is nice. Just a glance outside my window near my table is the Fanateer harbor overlooking the Persian Gulf.2013-11-27 13.25.32Then, the waiter came and took my order. I was scanning the menu making emphasis on the price of every dish since I am almost broke 😉 . After a minute, I ordered Prawn Wanton Soup for the soup and of course it wouldn’t be Chinese if you will not eat wanton or noodles, right.2013-11-27 13.25.12The soup was a bit salty but it was OK since I love my food well or much seasoned. Then, for the main dish, I chose Sichuan Beef Sirloin paired with Mix Fried Rice and Pineapple Juice.2013-11-27 13.33.372013-11-27 13.33.01The Mix Fried Rice was perfect. But, the Sichuan Beef Sirloin was a downturn since it was a little spicy for me so, I had to take more sips on my Pineapple juice.

The whole experience was fine and at long last, I can put a check mark on my things-to-do list. The chit came out also and I was relieved that I didn’t eat that much. I paid around SR145 (USD40).

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