There Is Green in the Desert

 In Al Jubayl, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

When we talked about desert, what usually comes to mind first is heat followed by wide vast of sand with no or few vegetation at sight. That is what I also have in mind before I came to the Middle East specifically in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. But, I was wrong. There is actually green in the desert especially in Al Jubayl.

In this rising municipality of Al Jubayl which is now a fast growing industrial  city providing petrochemicals in the country and the world, you can find parks and I am talking about nature parks. I just had visited one of the nature parks in Al Jubayl called Al Deffi Park.2013-12-12 12.20.50

Al Deffi Park is famous for bird viewing especially during winter or cold season in the Eastern Region of the Kingdom. Al Deffi Park is located between Al Andalus and Al Deffi Districts and just a few drive from Al Fanateer District which is the famous place in Al Jubayl.2013-12-12 12.29.09 2013-12-12 12.47.17

I arrived in Al Deffi Park at 1100H, it was a sunny yet cold morning with temperature at 16 degrees Celsius which is good for strolling in the park. The park has children’s playgrounds in different areas. As I see it, you can do camping, picnics, or just take a nap under the shades of the tree during lunch time or siesta. The good thing about is you will feel you are more closer to Mother Nature since you can hear the birds chirping, the trees whispering, and the fresh smell of air.2013-12-12 11.33.26 2013-12-12 11.33.45

At that time I visited Al Deffi Park, there were areas where they were still doing reconstruction. But even though it was not totally finished, it was a nice experience that somehow in the desert, you can be at peace with nature.2013-12-12 12.31.45 2013-12-12 12.44.28 2013-12-12 12.56.11

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