Beach Bum

 In Al Jubayl, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

It’s February 14, Valentine’s Day. Because I’ve got no one to go with me on a date so I ended up spending it with myself, how pathetic. Since my current location is near the sea and most of my trips are near the beach. My previous posts also talked about beach in Al Jubayl. And yes until now, I’ll be talking about another beach. So, I just hope that you won’t get bored and sea sick =D.

I went already to Al Fanateer Beach. Just recently, I had my trip in Al Nakheel Beach, which is the southern part of Al Fanateer Beach, located almost half a mile from Fanateer District. The place is well maintained, clean, and family oriented. Everything is pleasing to the eyes. The good thing about it is it is for free. No need for entrance fees, corkage or even cottage rentals, amazing right. I was just amazed coz way back in the Philippines, everything has a fee.

Upon entering Al Nakheel Beach, you will see a very captivating signage. IMG_2612It’s a wide beach actually. I just don’t know the total land area coz it stretches wide and has a long light brown powdery sands shoreline. There are visible lifeguard stalls but no one is there to man it.2013-12-12 13.20.37 2013-12-12 14.13.39
It’s a great place to do picnic and sit there while enjoying the sea breeze. Me, I felt like I’ve been a beach bum for a day. I just wanted to relax and be seized to the sound of the gushing water, sun-basking and hear the fresh air whipping past my face.2013-12-12 13.20.59 2013-12-12 13.24.56 2013-12-12 13.25.53 2013-12-12 13.26.46 2013-12-12 13.34.16
I saw a lot of families, teens and after-work employees hanging out at the beach. Al Nakheel Beach gets crowded during Thursday afternoon and Fridays since those days are Saudi off-days.2013-12-12 14.31.49 2013-12-12 14.32.18 IMG_2694 IMG_2702
As a conclusion, Al Nakheel Beach topped my list as the best beach in Al Jubayl because it has everything you need. Playgrounds for your kids, nice camping site for the family and amazing getaway for teens and exhausted employees from work. So, if you happened to drop by at Al Jubayl, make sure to come at Al Nakheel Beach. Do it on winter season and not during summer. If you are married, you can treat your family a well-deserved Valentine’s Day in the beach.2013-12-12 14.36.13Happy Hearts’ Day to all!

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