My Last Beach Quest

 In Al Jubayl, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

My last beach trip in Al Jubayl before I put my traveling shoes back to the shoe rack started so bad. My appointed driver for my travel didn’t show up so, I ended up waiting outside for an hour for an alternative driver. I was pissed off when the driver told me that I was the one who didn’t keep my words. My driver and I had a plan to come and pick me up at 1300H. He called me that he was already outside waiting for me but when I went out, he was nowhere to be found and for Christ‘s sake, there are 3 parking areas and they are freaking wide. He told me to look for a Hyundai Light Blue SUV but there were a lot and to add up the difficulty, I was not wearing my glasses. I called him 11 times and he said, I’m just here, look for a Hyundai blah blah. Those were the words he was saying the whole time. He is Indian and stayed in Saudi Arabia for quite some time but he doesn’t speak English that well. The last time I called, he left. So, I hailed a taxi and just for your information, getting a taxi in Saudi Arabia is hard. There are private vehicles that usually stop and offer you to hitch hike but there were incidences that a lot of expats has been taken to jail due to riding private cars. Thus, I made sure to hail a proper taxi.

At exactly 1430H, I got one, an Indian who speaks English. He drove all the way from Al Huwaylat District to Dareen Sector. The driver doesn’t know where to go but thank God, I downloaded Co-Pilot GPS which came so handy.

We reached Dareen Beach by 1500H. To my surprise, it is a nice beach I’ve seen so far in Al Jubayl right after Al Nakheel Beach. I posted a week and a month before about other beaches I’ve been to, like Al Fanateer Beach and Al Nakheel Beach. But, for me, Al Nakheel Beach is the best. The view, the sand, the water and the crowd. Just check my other post about Al Nakheel Beach, click here.

Dareen Beach has a long and wide shoreline. It is not crowded and is a good place to do camping, picnics, unwind or just strolling on the shore. When I came there, there are only few families camping and playing. It is a nice site if you really want peace and time with your family.2013-12-24 16.05.44
Dareen Beach is a long beach that stretches about half a mile from north to south. Here are the photos I captured during my trip.2013-12-24 15.11.32 2013-12-24 15.18.03 2013-12-24 15.18.34 2013-12-24 15.19.01 2013-12-24 15.24.07 2013-12-24 15.27.42 2013-12-24 15.29.22 2013-12-24 15.30.52 2013-12-24 15.31.11 2013-12-24 15.32.55 2013-12-24 15.58.20 2013-12-24 15.59.49 2013-12-24 16.02.56 2013-12-24 16.12.17

Isn’t it a beauty?

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