Arabian Food at Matahen Restaurant (مطاحز)

 In Ad Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

My friend and I went out for a weekend getaway to relieve stress from work. So, we ended up going to Ad Dammam. Since we started the journey almost 1000H, we encountered a very usual problem when traveling. That is hunger. We searched for restaurants open near our current location. We never knew anything famous there. My friend doesn’t want anything commercialized food such as McDonalds or Burger King. We looked from side to side of the street just to find a nice place for dining. After 30 mins of searching, we found Matahen Restaurant or in Arabic, مطاحز.

Matahen Restaurant is located in Ad Dammam. It has a great ambience and a different inside look. The setup was somewhat of an European style I think.2014-02-25 14.12.582014-02-25 14.13.09The restaurant only serves Arabian food and to my surprise even the menu was in Arabic, not even a letter in English I have seen there. I was hungry and to add up the delay, I can’t even read the dishes presented to me. I just let my friend do the talking and my intuition do the ordering for me.2014-02-25 14.13.18If you have been to an Arabian country, you will definitely find two sections in every establishments starting from the bank down to the restaurants. They always have two sections for singles and families. Matahen Restaurant also has two sections. In the ground floor, it was plainly for singles or bachelors while the second floor has 2 sections both for family and single. I chose to go upstairs to check what is like up there and I saw this.2014-02-25 14.16.20 2014-02-25 14.16.34 2014-02-25 14.18.30

We eyes were pleased with what I see. The style was different to most of the Arabian restaurants I’ve been to. But the main reason I was there was to eat.  So, it was the time for me to judge the food they cooked and served. We ordered beef and chicken, I don’t know how to say it. But it was like a mixed rice with slices of beef and chicken. It was served in a bowl. The food was good. It was well-seasoned for me and the food has great smell, too. I would love to go back there since I didn’t finish it all. They also served along with your order a freshly baked raised kobsh.2014-02-25 14.29.46

The finale has come. We called for the chit and it was just for SAR32 or USD9. I hope I can come back to try other stuff but it looks like it is next to impossibilities since we can’t even retrace which road we took. Naahhh, it’s ok. I only have few months left here in the Kingdom so, better try new things than coming back.

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