Dammam Corniche Wanderers

 In Ad Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

It was my day off when I stumbled out of bed and grasped a very long breath after I got so bored just staring the ceiling like it was about to fall on me. I looked on my iPod to check the time and I said to myself that lying on bed won’t do me any good til night falls. So, I checked some friends who are interested to go out and kicked some boring old routines during day offs. Good thing, somebody took the bait and alas, we headed to Dammam.

As usual, it was an hour drive from Al Jubayl passing thru desert and gasoline stations. Nice to travel though since the sky was all blue with fluffy clouds at sight. My friend and I ate lunched first at Matahen Restaurant (مطاحز). Just check my last post about the restaurant.2014-02-25 10.47.35

We arrived at Dammam Corniche around 1500H with some detours. It was a not so hot yet windy day in Dammam. My friend and I just strolled and watched kids with their families spending the day at the park.2014-02-25 15.58.35 The water was crystal clear and calm. The sea breeze was soothing for a very tired body like mine. It was definitely a stress-free experience for me.2014-02-25 16.05.18 2014-02-25 16.05.37 2014-02-25 16.06.03 2014-02-25 16.12.02 2014-02-25 16.15.56

Across Dammam Corniche, you can see Al Marjan Island. We were thinking of going there but we said we can just stay in Dammam and be Dammam Corniche wanderers.2014-02-25 16.56.562014-02-25 16.56.012014-02-25 16.57.09

We spent the whole afternoon just looking at families having fun and did some long talk about backbiting our friends back at work =). We waited til the sun sets for a perfect sunset pictorials.

2014-02-25 16.56.282014-02-25 16.56.12

It was definitely one of the best days I have here in Saudi Arabia. These kind of experiences are worth reminiscing and giving me second thoughts of not going exit. But I need to move on with my life. For sure, this will be added to my treasure chest that I’ll be remembering til the day of my demise.

Dammam Corniche Wanderers (thelonetravelercarl and hassonnono)

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