A Walk in Jubail Corniche

 In Al Jubayl, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

You have been wondering what is ‘Corniche’ coz I, myself, kept on thinking why people here in Saudi  Arabia tend to call it Corniche. Then, I checked it on the dictionary and here is what I found, Corniche means a road built along a coast and especially along the face of a cliff.

The Philippines is an archipelago and most of these islands have cliffs and coasts but we never call it corniche at all. Maybe I am just too curious yet at least I got to know one new word. But I don’t really care coz if you ever get the chance to come here in Saudi Arabia or any country in the Middle East, they usually call it, corniche or cornish. And when you are going to ask a local about tourist destinations, they would usually say, ‘oh. try to visit our corniche’. And yes it is true. The places nice to visit in Saudi Arabia are the corniche viewing the vast ocean.

One fine afternoon, I was walking in Jubail Corniche. It was first time to get there but I always see it when I go to work. It was on that day that I had a chance to visit and set afoot.  When I got there, there were a lot of families camping out. But I didn’t bother. I just had my mind focused like I was walking in the park. The place was relaxing but I’m a bit disappointed due to the stingy smell from the sea. It was polluted and you can see upfront, the ginormous plants. Yet, it was way for me to relax after a stressful day at work.2014-03-19 16.47.14 2014-03-19 16.49.43 2014-03-19 16.50.33 2014-03-19 16.54.10 2014-03-19 17.04.55 2014-03-19 17.11.44 2014-03-19 17.12.21 2014-03-19 17.59.44 2014-03-19 18.17.21

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