A 3-Day Excursion in Al Ahsa

 In Al Ahsa, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Since I had 2 days off from work, so why not spend it out somewhere different. I have been scanning the map of Eastern Region on which place to go for a 3-day excursion. Of course, it is noticeably seen in the map that almost one-third of the Eastern Province is covered by the municipality of Al Ahsa. Thus, I have come to a conclusion to head there again.

photo credit to saudia-online.com

photo credit to saudia-online.com

The day before my trip, I already packed my things good for 3 days so that right after my work, I can head to Al Ahsa. The excursion started with a hitchhike from Al Jubayl to Al Ahsa for SAR200. It was a grueling ride for 2 hours with lack of rest from work. The view was amazing when I reached Al Ahsa after I saw this odd looking mountains. It made the picture more perfect upon seeing the sun setting and the color of the sky changing. I arrived in Al Ahsa at 1800H.2014-03-20 17.35.49 2014-03-20 17.36.22 2014-03-20 17.36.55

The municipality of Al Ahsa is not well developed yet as I have seen it while on the road. As compared to other Eastern Province municipalities such as Al Khobar, Ad Dammam, Al Jubayl, these provinces have been established well. In Al Ahsa, I only saw one mall which is the Othaim Mall. It was indeed a tiring trip that I directly headed to a hotel. I checked in at Al Ghazal Hotel for SAR 137/night, total of SAR411 for 3 nights. The hotel is decent but not to a point of being luxurious. Check my Al Ghazal Hotel review on my next post. So, basically my first day in Al Ahsa was spent in the bedroom snoring.
On the second day, I went again to the famous attraction, the cave of Qarah. It was nerve-wracking since I tried to go up the mountains and in the evening, I went out to another sand mountain to see Al Ahsa’s night lights. Check my post titled, Oasis of the East.2014-03-21 16.22.40 2014-03-21 16.25.32 2014-03-21 16.50.48 2014-03-21 18.31.53
The third day, I was a little bit timid due to the energy used on climbing the mountains. I just stayed in the hotel and I went out at 1700H to the malls in Al Ahsa, Othaim Mall and Al Ahsa Mall but to my surprise I was kicked out for singles were not allowed. So, I just wasted the day and went back to the hotel. Early morning of the next day, I headed back to Al Jubayl for work.2014-03-22 19.21.28
That’s how I spent my 3-day excursion in Al Ahsa. It would have been more fun if the malls were opened for singles/bachelors, if the parks were not under renovation and if taxis were too abundant. But, basically, I had fun. That is the most important thing.

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