Oasis of the East

 In Al Ahsa, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

My first visit in Al Ahsa was not that memorable since I was in a hurry but this time, I just relaxed and carried my whole stay in Al Ahsa as if I am a local. Since the municipality of Al Ahsa has only few attractions and most of the parks were closed due to some renovations, so I went back to Jebel Al Qarah.2014-03-21 16.26.55
Jebel Al Qarah is just a few minutes drive from Al Hufuf, the city centre of Al Ahsa. This time, me, being an adventurer has awakened. Instead of just enjoying the view inside the cave, I went out and followed the most difficult and life threatening path going to the top of the cave in Qarah. At first, it was easy. But halfway, I needed to catch my breath. The trek was very challenging. Rocks were too small and mixed with sands and it’s a steep uphill climb. If you tripped, there’s no way to stop from falling. For me, it was nerve-wracking indeed but the view atop was amazing. Seeing the luscious green of the date plantation with the brown contrast of the mountain desert just made the experience worth dying. That is how I describe it.2014-03-21 16.27.44 2014-03-21 16.47.55 2014-03-21 16.50.48 2014-03-21 16.52.14 2014-03-21 16.52.23 2014-03-21 17.04.03 2014-03-21 17.04.35 2014-03-21 17.05.17
After Jebel Al Qarah, I went back to Al Hufuf. Al Hufuf, as what I’ve said is the capital of Al Ahsa. The lifestyle of people living here are somewhat laid-back. It’s just like a big town but developing. I saw locals walking on the streets at night even females without male accompanying them. It felt like it is a very safe community to live in. I saw how the people tried to enjoy their weekends by going to parks or malls. At first, I thought their lives are boring and confined on the four walls of their homes and they needed to wear and hid themselves from the rest of the people but I was wrong. They were able to enjoy their lives. I got to see them dancing on the sands barefoot, got to talk to them on how they are happy to be them and even joke with them. They are just simple and they see life simple. That is what I see in the people of Al Ahsa.2014-03-21 17.14.44 2014-03-21 17.15.08 2014-03-21 17.18.41 2014-03-21 17.19.52
Indeed, I can say that Al Ahsa is the Oasis of the East. It may have few attractions but I found the people to be the most heart warming in all of the Saudi Arabian country. Though I was thirsty for something nice to see but I was filled with warmth and being welcomed.

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  • Nicholas Andriani

    Al Ahsa sounds wonderful. I would love to visit Saudi someday, inshallah. Thanks for visiting my blog and I look forward to reading more of yours.


    • thelonetravelercarl

      Thanks Nicholas! But I’ll be out of my desk for quite some time and I can’t really tell when I will be coming back. But for sure, I’ll be checking your whereabouts when I have the time to check WP. InshaAllah, I will see you posting about Saudi Arabia.

      Yallah, bye. 😉

  • NurseWanderer

    My new workplace is in Al Ahsa and it’s my first week here. And I also also observed the simplicity of life here given the time. Thank you for this post. Kudos!

    • thelonetravelercarl

      Thank you, NurseWanderer, for visiting and having time to read my blog entry. Since you are in Al Ahsa, try to enjoy and have fun while you are still working there. Try to explore it with friends so when you go back home, you’ll surely miss and tell yourself that you had a great time staying in the Middle East. Kudos to you too for being able to survive leaving your comfort zone. Working overseas is not that easy for us. God bless you always on your journey. 😉

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