Glimpse of Al Qatif

 In Al Qatif, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

I’ve been gone for 3 months and I’m still busy as a bee. From time to time if I get some free time, I’ll be posting some of my adventures. And here one goes.

I just love to travel in a new place during my off. I’ve been wandering in Eastern Province for quite some time now but still there are places that I have never gone to. One of those places that I have never visited is Al Qatif. That’s why I took the liberty to take advantage of my rest day to saunter in that place.2014-08-04 12.02.28Al Qatif is just minutes drive away from hustle and bustle of the city of Al Khobar. It is a small town with few interesting facts, stories and sceneries.
Upon entering Al Qatif via main road, there are police checking cars and asking questions regarding your visit to their place. As I was told about that, I took the different route and followed a different exit that won’t lead me to the main street or highway.2014-08-04 12.15.08
Al Qatif is a town where most Muslims are Shiites. There are certain places in this town that are feared due to high crimes and one of those is Awamiyah. 2014-08-04 12.33.21When I was there, I just wander in corniche but I was mostly on the road.
As I see it, Al Qatif is indeed a small and not so commercialised town of the Eastern Province. But if you will look on their houses on the corniche, your mind will be blown out. Those are not just houses but those are mansions. Too bad I didn’t take pictures of those. I’ve heard also that people living in this town make party on streets. It sounds to me that they are liberated from the rest of the Saudis.2014-08-04 12.11.532014-08-04 12.13.15 2014-08-04 12.19.02 2014-08-04 12.19.15 2014-08-04 12.18.44On the other side of Qatif Corniche is Tarut Island where it connects via Qatif-Tarut Bridge.2014-08-04 12.15.032014-08-04 12.15.432014-08-04 12.31.46
So far, Al Qatif sounds a bit OK. You can visit there but just be careful and cautious.2014-08-04 12.11.18

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