The Zoo

 In Ad Dhahran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Did you had those times wherein you were on your way home but there is something in your gut that you just want to check what it wants? Yes, I do have those instances, too, but I was actually not referring to foods. My inner self wanted me not to go home early and instead to go somewhere else new. I was looking on the window of the car and suddenly, I saw a big signage telling it is The Zoo. And to my surprise it was indeed a zoo in the middle of nowhere. Oopps, it was the road heading to Al Jubayl from Ad Dammam but the zoo was located in Ad Dhahran.2014-08-18 17.28.28

I haven’t featured Ad Dhahran yet since the only thing I know in Ad Dhahran is the mall. Mall of Dhahran is one of the biggest malls in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. I’ve been in Mall of Dhahran too many times but as what I have mentioned, photography is prohibited in public places. Thus, I’ve got nothing to show how Mall of Dhahran looks like. Anyway, when I saw the signage. I told my friend to turn the car back to where I saw it. So, we took the longest U-turn and we got to The Zoo.

The Zoo looks kind of outdated. From the outside look, you will think if there are really animals inside or is it just a playground and they named it the zoo. To get inside the zoo, you need to pay 10SR for adults and 5SR for kids for the entrance fee. There is a ticket booth just beside the gate.2014-08-18 17.27.38

Upon entering the zoo, all I saw were plants and trees. But, when I got inside to this cave-styled gate, then I saw cages of wild animals. Wild animals that vary from sizes to classes.2014-08-18 17.25.402014-08-18 17.21.02Here, I got to see animals which I haven’t seen. To be honest, I’ve never tried going to zoos because I don’t want to see those poor creatures inside a cage. Yet with zoos, an individual can see wild creatures up close. Somehow it gives awareness to people and knowledge about these animals. I was able to have close encounters with hyenas, lions, crocodiles and many more.2014-08-18 17.06.14 2014-08-18 17.08.12 2014-08-18 17.08.58 2014-08-18 17.11.552014-08-18 17.07.24

I can still remember the questions asked to me during my IELTS test. The question goes like this, ‘What is your opinion on animals put in zoos?’ I answered it is ok since a lot of people can see these animals that we have never seen and as long as these creatures are well taken care of then it is fine for me. The conversation goes til we talked about extinction and endangered species. Anyways, the sad thing about this zoo is they didn’t maintain it well. The animals are not well nourished. The cages and surroundings are full of filth and all I can see is business they are running and they are not taking care of these poor creations of God.

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