Bridge That Links Two Countries

 In Gateway to the World, Kingdom of Bahrain

Today, I am not in the right mood to write since I just had a fight with someone close to me. But, I have to post something because it has been some time that I haven’t written anything. Well, a month ago, I went to a series of bridges and an artificial island. I’m  currently based in the Middle East specifically in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. So, if I were to visit other countries, I can just cross borders by land. One of that borders is the Saudi Arabia – Bahrain border which is linked by King Fahd Causeway and Bahrain Bridge.

Before you can access the bridge, you need to pay for the toll for a passage over it. I think it costs around SR20 or USD5.35 per car. There are many toll gates to cater faster transactions.
2014-08-18 10.49.16The bridge stretches all the way to an island where both immigration offices are located. I don’t know how long it is but it was a smooth drive with wide street lanes.2014-08-18 10.55.55 2014-08-18 10.56.00 It was a bad time when I went there. That day was a humid one and everything was foggy. That’s why I didn’t appreciate the view that much since it is not that clear. Once I reached the island, I was welcomed with a lot of signage telling me what directions I need to take. 2014-08-18 10.56.15I haven’t mentioned that this place was designed of two connected islands and they called it the Passport or Middle Island. In the island, you can find 2 sides. On the west side, they called it the Saudi border while the east as the Bahraini border. In Saudi border station, you will find a lot of establishments such as fastfood outlets of McDonalds, Kudu, etc.2014-08-18 11.15.01

There is also a park where you can just take a rest and enjoy the fresh sea breeze but swimming is prohibited. In addition to that, both Saudi and Bahraini sides have towers and in the tower, it has restaurants and a deck where you can view the whole island but I didn’t go there anymore because it was hot and damp.2014-08-18 10.57.33
2014-08-18 10.57.46 2014-08-18 11.07.48 2014-08-18 11.19.27

It was indeed a good trip but unfortunately I didn’t cross the border to Kingdom of Bahrain because I don’t have my passport that time. It was just a trip to the Bridge that Links Two Countries.

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  • Cool_Eyes (ChrisV)

    I love the place but never been there 😉 my co-worker wanted to take me there every weekend but I refuse to go with him cause I know I will have trouble with my budget, I rather want to stay here in Abu Ali, Jubail. Have a great day.

    • thelonetravelercarl

      the place is ok. you can just take a rest and enjoy the fresh air while looking on the sea. i’m in jubail too but i’m leaving this Saturday back to our homeland. enjoy your stay here in the Kingdom. have fun and make good memories. for me it was hard to leave but we need to adapt to changes. good luck and thanks for reading my blog. 😉

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