IATA Code: AUH – Abu Dhabi International Airport

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International Air Transport Association (IATALocation Identifier uses a 3-letter code to identify locations of airports throughout the world.united-arab-emirates-flag

A well known airport in the Middle East with IATA Code of AUH is indeed located in one of the busiest and promising countries of the Arabian Peninsula, the United Arab Emirates. Specifically built in Abu Dhabi, AUH or Abu Dhabi International Airport serves as one of the gateways of UAE to the rest of the world.

Abu Dhabi Air Traffic Control Tower

Abu Dhabi Air Traffic Control Tower from afar

When I got out of the plane, this magnificent structure struck me the most, and I was thinking what the hell is that tower doing in the middle of a desert especially in the airport. But, it was actually the most important part of the airport since it sees all incoming and outgoing aircrafts.

AUH, so far, is the most liveliest airport I’ve seen. There are a lot of travelers wandering around and they are from different parts of the world. Since Abu Dhabi was just my layover from a very long flight, I got to see somehow a quarter of it. The design is great, there are a lot of stalls,  stores and mind you, those stores are not just ordinary stores but a world renowned luxury brands such as Bulgari, Givenchy, Lancome, Salvatorre Ferragamo and many more. It clearly states that AUH wants the tourists to spend most of their money at the airport. The gates are spacious, too.DSC03449DSC03451DSC03454DSC03455DSC03452uae

Even though I’ve waited for four hours for my next flight, I didn’t get bored coz there were so many things to see. Duty Free, people roaming around and talking in different languages varying from different races in all sides of the world. It was just an amazing stopover for me and I’ve enjoyed it.

I only stayed there for hours but it was indeed fun, if I happened to have experienced that within the airport then I could say that the outside would have been the best of the bests. For me, airport represents the country and it also signifies the country as a whole in just one glance.DSC03457

I’ve also got a present from Abu Dhabi Duty Free adding it as one of my collections of all the collectibles in every country that I’ll be traveling, may it be just in the airport or explore the city.SAM_3168


Sorry for the low quality of photos since I only used my spy camera because I’ve heard that taking pictures in the Middle East is not allowed. I also experienced photography do’s and don’t’s in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It’s really hard coz there were so many places and great views to shoot but I can’t capture it well. ;(

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