Tagbilaran Welcomes Me with New Improvements

 In Bohol, The Philippines

After 3 years of being displaced in a country which I started to hate but I love in the end, finally, I have settled down in my home country. I’m back for good in the Philippines and for a week, I just stayed at home battling jet-lagged from a 9-hour flight.

Then a week after, I started to think about what will my life be since I don’t have work now. I posted on my Facebook account about missing the people I get to talk to in the Kingdom and most of them commented to me to get a life and have fun while I’m still in my homeland. So, I took note of their comments and I started to roam around my city again. And what I discovered is a big change. Now, Tagbilaran welcomes me with new improvements.

Lets’s start of:

1. The easy access road. The road in J.A Clarin going to San Isidro District from the city centre is well paved. Before, it used to be an uphill drive but look at it now. You can have a smooth trip passing through this street.

2014-10-14 15.34.03

2. New mall arise at CPG Avenue. We called it Alturas Supermarket  before but now no more. AGC or Alturas Group of Companies is still on the middle of constructing another building right next to the mall but here is a peek of the recently opened new Alturas Mall.SAM_0805It has five floors and there are still a lot of stalls available for lease.

SAM_0806 SAM_0807 SAM_0808 SAM_0809 SAM_0810 SAM_0811 SAM_0812 SAM_0813 SAM_0815 SAM_0817 SAM_0818 SAM_0819

3. City Square with its new look. When I left, City Square doesn’t look like this. As you can see, few things were upgraded while some still the same and they put some green trees to somehow emphasized the love of nature. And still, it is jam-packed with customers and buyers.

IMG_0983 IMG_0984

4. Something New in Galleria Luisa. I mentioned a while back about Galleria Luisa, click here. But that was last year, I visited it recently and almost all places were occupied with tenants. Before, Tagbilaran City doesn’t have shawarma but now there is a restaurant who caters Indian, Mediterranean and Arabic foods.SAM_0821 SAM_0823 SAM_0824

Other places still look the same such as,

the plaza

the plaza

doves in the plaza

and its resident doves

Integrated Bus Terminal

Integrated Bus Terminal

Island City Mall

Island City Mall

These are the only changes I’ve noticed but if  I will look meticulously in my surrounding, there are a lot of improvements. It’s just that I’m still not in the mood to travel and explore the new happenings in my city. Anyways, I have all the time in the world to see it for myself. I will just make a blog-post about it if the other changes will really capture my attention.

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