A Place to Ponder

 In Bohol, The Philippines

I just got back from my backpacking trip. Last May, I got my Armenian visa thru their e-Visa application. I was thinking about it when suddenly I checked my e-mail and something came up unexpectedly. I still have few months left for my Armenian visa but this new opportunity that has been offered to me can’t be taken for granted. This new world that I am talking about is a promising and prominent country. I have waited for this application for years but just recently, it has moved to my doorstep. Now, I am in the middle of two amazing nations. I got confused and I can’t think of what I wanted to do, therefore, for me to snap out of it, I needed a place where I can think about my decision. Surely, the city doesn’t offer the calm environment conducive to making judgments. Hence, I went to a town up north. I never got the chance to come and stay in this town, so, I took the advantage to visit and called that town a place to ponder. That town is called Buenavista.

Buenavista is a Spanish lingo for good view. It is a town that lies in the northwestern part of the island of Bohol. To get there from Tagbilaran City, the journey will start from Dao Integrated Bus Terminal. There are two types of vehicles you can choose. Either a bus going to Talibon via Buenavista or a public van/ van for hire with the same route. Traveling through a bus will take about an hour and a half due to the bus picking up passengers along the road. While if you will utilise the public van to get there, it will only take 1 hour yet the fare varies coz public van cost much than the bus. You will need to shell out additional PhP30-40 for van for hire. The travel going there was smooth even though some parts of the road were under construction. When I got there, I went directly to Buenavista Eco-Tourism Centre which is located in Barangay Daet. There, I found my place to ponder. There was a river at the back of the building with the breeze from the river that was so comforting. There were also river folks doing their thing. While me, I just sat down on the riverbank, thinking on what I needed to do.

It was indeed helpful with these views I have in front of me.20150517_125435 20150517_125448 20150517_125457 20150517_131520 20150517_131553 20150517_131601 20150517_131610 Photo 5-17-15, 1 16 55 PM

Finally, I have made up my mind. Thanks to the solace and tranquility the town of Buenavista extended to me. I have decided not to go to Armenia anymore and instead, I’ll be going to this new opportunity that God has given me. It will be busy weeks, trying to process all the paperwork to finish my application. You will know it soon enough what country I will be heading to. Just trust me, it will be SOON. 😉

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