IATA Code: CLE – Hopkins International Airport

 In Gateway to the World, International Airports, Ohio, United States of America

International Air Transport Association (IATALocation Identifier uses a 3-letter code to identify locations of airports throughout the world.800px-Flag_of_the_United_States.svg

CLE or Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is of course located in Cleveland in the state of Ohio. CLE is a midsize airport as compared to other airport terminals. I would have thought that it only serves domestic flights within the US since I didn’t see any departures going to other countries but I might be wrong coz when I checked online, CLE has flights going to Canada.cle01 cle03

Since this is the last airport I have gone to, I was able to loiter around. I got to different gates from A, B to C. In the hallways, there were different stores mostly restaurants and cafés. Lighting was a little bit dim but relaxing. There were also some constructions going on but signs were everywhere to give directions to guests.cle05 cle02

After wandering in the airport, I went down to get my luggage in their baggage claim area. I encountered a problem with my baggage since I changed my flight to an earlier one, having my luggage left in Chicago. The airline has an office, though, to check when it will arrive and the representative was helpful and gave me instructions that the next flight from Chicago to Cleveland, my stuff will be there. I’ve only waited for 30 minutes then I got my things.cle06

I got in contact with a representative from the company I’ll be working and we went directly to the parking area which was connected to the airport terminal building.cle04 cle07

To sum it up, I haven’t really explored CLE entirely since I’ve stayed in the Arrival area only but it appeared to me that the airport is well-organised and the pace is slow as compared to O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois. But soon, I’ll be departing from this airport when it is time for me to go back home or go on a vacation.

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