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If you have been following my blog, well, I have started blogging last 2010 in a small district in Tagbilaran City. It commenced on the 17th of October and I never thought that I’ll get this far. It began when I was reading other blogs and I have decided to make my own blogsite. Setting up the objective and purpose of the blog was hard but since my point of interest is into traveling, thus, I have featured my travels here and there. I have titled it, THE LONE TRAVELER. I do travel alone. It’s difficult but it’s fun.

Through this blog, I was able to see other parts of the world. I got to experience other cultures firsthand. I was able to help other people by giving information by the use of this blog. I got also a ticket to be featured in a local show in the Philippines but it didn’t happen anyway since I was abroad exploring.

At the beginning, I only had like a hundred of followers and readers on my first year, then, it went up and received a lot of traffics these past years. I’ve got followers who even inspire me to write more and they’ve been counting and looking for my next post. I am so grateful for everyone who visited my site.

On its 5th anniversary this 2015, I have decided to go the capital of the country where I’m at before winter comes. It would be my first out-of-state travel alone, thus, I’ve been researching on what to do. I’ve been asking also a lot of people and I’ve visited places to get idea for my trip to be a success.  I did spend most of my time planning and so far, the web has been of great help providing me all major key points and even minute details.

I did find out these very helpful information and I am also giving it out for everyone who wants to travel in the United States:

Greyhound Line, Inc – check their site and you will find their location and what states they are providing transportation service.

Greyhound Line, Inc contact details

Greyhound Line, Inc contact details

Barons Bus Lines – is also a bus company but serves most of the cities, towns and counties within the state of Ohio and some neighboring states such as Maryland, West  Virginia and Pennsylvania. They work hand in hand with Greyhound Line, Inc.

Both of these bus line companies you can purchase your ticket online. Once you have your ticket printed, you can head to the bus station stated on their website. Mine is in Cambridge and I got to see this.

Cambridge County Courthouse

Cambridge County Courthouse

Booking.com – I’ve been using this site for quite some time from my trip when I was still in the Middle East to my Southeast Asian tour. It has been very useful for me to find the most affordable hotel to stay.

Maps.ME – is an offline GPS tool which I have installed in my phone way back long time ago. It has been my partner when traveling to unfamiliar locations and with its help, I never had the time to get lost. It is detailed and updates are constantly generated.

With all the help I got from these sites and application, my 5th anniversary trip won’t be so terrifying and my anxiety level will not be that high since I have a clue of what I am doing. So for my fellow travelers, it is best to be always ready and to have a knowledge and idea before embarking on your new journey. I know it is an adventure to get lost and walked on a roadless track but if you have limited time, then, getting lost is not an option. Just be safe always.

P.S. I’ll be posting my journey in a few days time.

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