The Covered Bridge of Watertown

 In Ohio, United States of America

Few weeks after I got back from Washington, DC, I went to another trip but this time it was within Ohio. The state of Ohio has a lot of tourist destinations and some of those are museums/ galleries, state parks, waterfalls, old villages, bridges and even cemeteries. At that time, I still didn’t have the courage to go to a cemetery to take pictures yet instead, I went to this covered bridge that they were talking about. In fact, there were more covered bridges scattered all over the state of Ohio. The nearest covered bridge from my current location though is in Watertown. Thus, I have decided to come and see the covered bridge of Watertown.

Washington County Map cr: wikipedia

Washington County Map
cr: wikipedia

Watertown, Ohio is in Washington County. It is near Marietta which is already the border going to West Virginia. It was about 30 to 45 minutes drive to get to the covered bridge. I left at around late 7 in the morning and arrived in the location at 0825H. When I got there, I don’t have any clue about the bridge and I just found out there that the name of the bridge is Harra covered bridge.

Harra covered bridge in Watertown

Harra covered bridge in Watertown

Harra covered bridge was built way back in 1871 and was completed in 1875. The bridge was constructed with the source for the stone was in the farm of James Harrah, whose name (minus its final letter) was given to the bridge. The plan for the bridge used the Long truss design which fewer than ten historic Long truss bridges remain in Ohio today.

The long struss covered bridge

The long truss covered bridge

Built in 1871

Built in 1871

In 1976, the Harra Bridge was listed on the National Register of Historic Places, qualifying both because of its historically significant architecture and because of its importance in the history of Ohio.  Although it has been open for well over one hundred years, it remains in strong structural condition, and it served daily traffic into the late twentieth century. Now, it is still standing beaming and showing the rich past of Ohio.20151022_082301The covered bridge was a delight to see and added with a more beautiful and picture perfect view and a perfect season to visit during autumn when all leaves have changed. 20151022_082409 20151022_082721 20151022_082726

The covered bridges in Ohio might not been well-promoted by Ohio tourism board but definitely one of the attractions you need to see when you are in the Buckeye state. It may not be on your priority list but should be on your must visit list.

PS: The Lone Traveler will take a winter vacation from blogging. Have a happy Yuletide season everyone and a safe winter!

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