First Winter Experience

 In Ohio, United States of America

I used to dream of going to a place where I can experience a white Christmas. It has been my childhood wish and never had I realise that it will come true. I’ve been slacking off from my blog for a month because I was expecting for the snow to come last December and I want to fully enjoy it. But my bubble just burst when I found out that there will be no snow on Christmas until 2015 ends. So, here I am writing my blog on February when I got to have my first winter experience by the month of January of this year.

Since I grew up in a tropical country, snow doesn’t come at all. In the Philippines, we only have 2 seasons, dry and wet. So, if a westerners or someone who had tried winter asked people from the tropical country what they wanted to experience, for sure one of those will say, they want to see snow or try winter. And I am one of them.

The first week of January in the southeastern part of Ohio, we only got 3 inches of snow and that was the first time I got to experience snow. The Sheriff issued a Level 2 warning but it didn’t stop me from going out and take pictures outside. The snow fell for almost 8 hours from early morning to noon and accumulated much snow that everything outside looked all white. I did enjoy the snow and I don’t know why people hated the snow when it all brings to me is happiness. It also gave the feeling of being a kid playing with it and I’m not shy to show to them it’s my first time to see and play with the snow.

 Then, on the third week of January, a winter storm called ‘Jonas’ was coming that will hit the south part of the Mideast US and mostly big cities like New York and The District. It has been predicted that the winter storm will leave 3 to 26 inches of snow. I told myself that it will be interesting. Then, winter storm Jonas hit. It started at 1200H on 01/22 and lasted til 1300H the next day and left the town I’m in covered in 8 inches snow. That time I found out what a thick snow can do and the hazard and risks that come along with it. On my way to work, my car slid and dipped into the curve of the street and got stuck. It was really messy and bothersome to people who still need to go out and work. The whole county was under Level 2 winter storm warning. But even though it happened to me, I still love the snow.20160112_124754

  With what I’ve experienced on my first winter here in the US, I can say that I love it and I am still enjoying it til the season lasts before spring comes by the end of March. So the people out there who have winter, have fun because other people haven’t gotten the chance to experience this white season. Go outside and build a snowman!


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