Welcome to Stars and Stripes!

 In California, Ohio, United States of America

Every person has a special someone in his life. It may be his siblings, his partner, his parents, or all of them. That person becomes his strength, weakness, motivation, inspiration, center of his life and even offer his life just to make them happy. That special person in my life so happen to be my mother. She singlehandedly brought, fed, educated, and influenced me and my older brother. Now, that I am almost independent and on my way to settling down here in the United States, it has been my greatest goal to bring her in the Land of the Free. Then, I was given an opportunity for that goal to come into reality.

My mum and I in Ayutthaya, Thailand

The month of May has been very meaningful to me and my family. It is my mother’s birth month, Mother’s day also happens to fall on this month, my home province feast month, and lastly, it is the month in which I get to see my mum take her first step in the United States. It is an incredible feeling yelling to her, Welcome to the Stars and Stripes!

The journey for her to get here was exhausting yet rewarding and I can still remember the months which we have to communicate online for hours to just finish all the requirements for U.S Visa Application but we reaped what we sow. And finally, almost a year has passed after I left my home country, I will meet my mum here.

I drove all the way from Caldwell to Cleveland just to get her and have a decent vacation in the sunny state, California. I even took the time to make a vlog of my travel. Check out my YouTube channel for my travel to California, by clicking here.I left Caldwell at exactly 1017H, left my car in a friend’s house and traveled to CLE-Hopkins International Airport and arrived in the airport at 1330H which is too early for my flight. It just showed that I was so excited to see her.Boarding time was at 1655H and departure time at 1740H via Spirit Airlines. At exact time, the plane took off with a 4-hour flight going to LAX. I took some photos midair and I captured this which is in Missouri’s fly zone at 1930H.
We also fly thru Illinois, Nebraska, and then we got into Colorado with these amazing views of the mountains.

Few hours, air view from the plane changed to what appears to me as a desert. GPS was telling the location that it was in Golden Valley, AZ.

Couple of hours, the plane landed in Tom Bradley International Airport in Los Angeles at exactly 1935H PST in Terminal 3. After I got out of the plane, I rushed directly to the international gate to welcome my mum but to my surprise, she was out already looking for me. It was an emotional scene when I saw her. I hugged her too tight and she was still in awe that she was able to get to the U.S.The whole welcoming my mum trip was amazing! It was my first time to travel to California and it was awesome. Now, my mother is here. I can spend more time with her traveling and exploring the United States.

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