The Sunny State

 In California, United States of America

Every state in the United States has a nickname. It so happened that I’m in the Buckeye State, Ohio, and the weather changes like changing clothes. In the morning, it will be sunny but at noon, it’ll rain or even snow in the middle of spring season. Since I have missed a lot of sunshine in my whole year here in the Land of the Brave, so, I have decided to catch the sun myself and headed to the sunny state, California.

California Flag

California is located at the west coast of the country with the capital, Sacramento. It has a couple of names such as El Dorado and Golden State. It is also a famous destination since it houses Hollywood, the rich and popular people of showbiz and etc, amusement parks such as Disneyland and Universal Studios, the iconic Golden Gate bridge and more. But the main reason of why I’m visiting this state is due to my mum coming over this country and her port of entry is in LAX, Tom Bradley International Airport, in Los Angeles.


LAX sign cr. wikipedia

I flew all the way from Cleveland to Los Angeles and arrived in LA at night time and welcomed my mother in the U.S. The next day, the tour schedule was packed for the whole day. Our hosts were actually my cousin and his family who live in LA for more than 5 years which is a plus. First on our visit list was the Hollywood sign.


Hollywood sign

This sign is an American icon in Los Angeles. The same as the Eiffel Tower in Paris. So, it is a must to take photos with this sign whenever a traveler or tourist is in the City of Angels.  It is situated on Mount Lee, in the Hollywood Hills area of the Santa Monica Mountains. The sign overlooks Hollywood, Los Angeles.


View of downtown LA near the Hollywood sign

Few miles from the Hollywood sign is the Griffith Observatory.


Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory is a facility built on Mount Hollywood. It is a popular tourist attraction with an amazing view of the Hollywood sign and it also has an extensive array of space and science-related displays. Admission is free of charge except some planetary shows with some small added charge.


View of LA in Griffith Observatory


View inside Griffith Observatory



After seeing the displays and attractions in the observatory, we went to Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.


Harry Potter fanatic here!

The Hollywood  Walk of Fame is a sidewalk embedded with brass stars with names of mix of actors, musicians, directors, fictional characters, musical and theatrical groups, and more. It is also a popular tourist attraction.


Buildings in Hollywood Walk of Fame


Buildings in Hollywood Walk of Fame


Hollywood street

We went back home after walking miles in the Walk of Fame. On the second day, we just stayed at home but the best thing is we were staying in Hermosa Beach. Thus, I walked into the beach and went to the pier.

hermosa beach pier

Hermosa Beach Pier


Tim Kelly statue

Looking on the surfers, beach volleyball players, beach tennis players, men fishing, runners, or just plain people like me lounging on the heat of the sun gave me a greatest feeling of R&R.


House near the beach




The wave


Hermosa Beach

Next day, we were toured in a famous movie location in Santa Monica Pier.


Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier is a famous movie location which movies such as Hancock, Cellular and Forrest Gump were filmed. It has been considered as a landmark that has been over 100 years. The pier contains a lot of attractions. It has  Pacific Park, a family amusement park with its one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art, solar paneled Ferris wheel, a carousel hippodrome, shops, pubs, restaurants, entertainers and more.


Santa Monica Beach


Santa Monica beach

pacific park

Pacific Park Ferris wheel



santa monica entertainer

People flocking to see entertainer performing.

We have to leave before rush hour because traffic in Los Angeles is unforgiving. It was a little bit hot, walking and wandering around Santa Monica but I am thankful enough that the weather was perfect.

The fourth and last day in California was spent in one of the happiest places on Earth and that is on an amusement park in Universal City. Yes, we went to Universal Studios Hollywood. Ticket price varies on where you purchase it. If the ticket was purchased online, an individual can save up to US$10-30. Without having second thoughts, we bought our ticket online and save US$10 instead of buying it in the studio. For my story about the trip in Universal Studio, I will write a separate blog article and will publish it in a few weeks.


Studio Map

The whole experience in the Sunny State of California was joyous. There were no dull and boring moments. It was awesome and definitely will be going back soon. California is indeed a great place to live with everything you need and want you can find. I have only explored Los Angeles and there are still more iconic places in the Golden State to see such as the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco, the capital city of Sacramento and more.

To see the places I’ve visited in California in just 4 mins, check my vlog at my YouTube channel below:

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