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 In New York, United States of America

Somebody said that you have never been to the United States, if you haven’t gone to New York City. That is the reason my mother asked me to let her see and visit the Big Apple. One of her special requests so, I made sure to put it in our itinerary before she even got her in the Land of the Free. I am also comfortable showing and getting around NYC since I’ve been in this city that doesn’t sleep just last February. But this time, my mum will be with me to explore it. Thus, I re-visited, I re-conquered and I’m back in NYC to check those which I haven’t explored during my first visit.

This time, my mum and I took an express bus ride from Cambridge, OH to New York. The trip should have lasted for 11 hours but due to some unforeseeable crisis with the bus, the trip lasted for 3 additional hours. We’ve arrived in NYC at 0200H. We went directly to the hotel which is just located in 38th St, few blocks from Port Authority Bus Terminal. After we checked-in, we headed right away to Times Square since it is best seen during nighttime. Times Square is still Times Square. It hasn’t changed at all. It is still the crossroad of the world. One of the changes I’ve observed is they were fixing the streets showing to tourists and visitors detours and alternative walkways. But the view itself is still amazing.

Times Square

It took us about few minutes to go back to the hotel and when we got in the hotel, we called it a day.

The next day, well basically it is the same day, we woke up early at 0700H. We only got 4 hours of sleep. But it didn’t hinder us to explore the city. First in our NYC itinerary is to visit the famous park in the middle of Manhattan. Yes, that is Central Park. It was almost an hour walk. We were a little bit exhausted but my mum and I just walked like we got all the time in the world. Everybody knows that in NYC, everyone needs to move fast but my mum insisted and said, ‘why would we walk fast, they are walking fast for work while we are here as tourists. We should enjoy and take time to wander’. It struck me so, we moved on a slower pace. But we got there. We were strolling in the park. We were enjoying the view, we’re breathing fresh air and took some photos. We, then, have decided to see some of the highlights in Central Park. First on the list was the Belvedere Castle.


Belvedere Castle


View on top of the castle deck

The Belvedere Castle is a folly or decoration in Central Park in Manhattan, New York City. It contains exhibit rooms, and observation deck and it has been the official Central Park weather station. It has been named for the Italian meaning of ‘beautiful view’ or panoramic view.


Belvedere Tower

Belvedere Tower was erected in 1869 as a lookout. It now houses the New York Meteorological Observatory which was founded in 1868 by Dr. Daniel Draper who was its director until his retirement in 1912. At which time, the observatory came under the direction of the United States Weather Bureau.

We only stayed in the castle for a few minutes since they were fashion designers, models, photographers and staff doing fashion photo shoots. Right after they had a break, tourists flocked on the castle and snapped some pictures. After we got ours, we left. The reason that we didn’t even get a good shot or angle of the view.

With much frustration leaving the castle, we were searching for other highlights in the park and found Angel of the Waters which is in Bethesda Terrace and Fountain.


Angel of the Waters

Angel of the Waters is the statue referred to the Gospel of John where there is a description of an angel blessing the pool of Bethesda, giving it healing powers. In Bethesda Terrace and Fountain, it overlooks the lake in NYC’s Central Park and the fountain is the centerpiece of the terrace.


The Lake


Centerpiece of Bethesda Terrace


Lower Passage

There were a lot of visitors too. Most of them were students, probably doing some field trips in Central Park.

Few walks from Angel of the Waters is the Mall. People might think when they heard it, it is a mall, that it is a shopping mall but it is not. It is just a location where most trees grew and gave shelter to people walking. There were also statues of Fitz-Greene Halleck, and Christopher Columbus. There were painters, sellers and artists selling their arts and products to anyone passing by.

Central Park Mall is a mall leading to Bethesda Fountain. It provides like an open air hall of reception to guests and travelers visiting the Central Park.

Lastly the highlight is Central Park itself. It is an urban park in middle-upper Manhattan within New York City. It is the most visited urban park in the United States and one of the most filmed locations in the world. Central Park was designated a National Historic Landmark in the U.S Department of Interior.20160616_100328 After Central Park, we went to St. Patrick’s Cathedral. My mum and I made sure to visit this church since the first time I came in here, I made a wish to let my mum get to this nation and the Lord heard it and gave it to me. So, it is definitely a must to visit and thank Him for all the blessings. The day was not over yet. Just across St. Patrick’s Cathedral was the Rockefeller Centre. I just showed it to my mother since it was really awesome during winter when there was a skating rink and flags of all nations were flying. But this time, it was boring. There were no flags hanging and the whole skating rink area before was just used as a restaurant. Nothing special, thus, we just left right away.


Prometheus Statue in Rockefeller Center

We went back to the hotel to get some rest since we have other plan after 1700H. By the time it was at 1700H, my cousin showed up and said he’ll tour us around. He then took us to the Flatiron Building.

The Flatiron Building is originally the Fuller Building. It is in a triangular shape with 22 floors. Located in 5th Avenue and 23rd St in a triangular block. The building has been called one of the most iconic skyscrapers and a quintessential symbol of New York City.

We were at the 5th Avenue that my cousin has decided to bring us to the subway station for us to get to and see the Brooklyn Bridge. The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest bridges in the United States. It connects the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn. It has also became an icon of NYC and was designated a National Historic Landmark.The sun was setting when we got off of the bridge and my trip in NYC has ended. It was indeed a nice trip back to NYC. Even though it was my second time but there were more attractions I have seen this time. It was also more magical since my mother was there to travel with me.

Check my vlog of recent New York City trip in my YouTube channel.

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