I Love Rhode Island

 In Rhode Island, United States of America

We were in the Big Apple that my mum and I have decided to visit my cousin who we haven’t seen for more than 15 years. She is currently living in Tiverton, Rhode Island with her loving husband and 3 beautiful kids. Before I have heard only a little information about the state. I know it is located in the Northeastern part of the country and it also belongs to what the people consider as the ‘New England’ states.

Getting to Rhode Island from New York City is easy. There are a lot of options. First, you can fly using 2 airports via La Guardia International Airport or JFK Airport. Second, you can use the bus carriers such as Greyhound Lines. And lastly, thru train companies such as Amtrak. My mum and I utilised the latter. We purchased the Amtrak ticket online, departing early in the morning in Penn Station and arrives 4 hours after in North Kingston in Rhode Island. The train ride was smooth and was rather fast as compared to buses. Even though the train stopped at some stations within New York, Connecticut and Rhode Island but it was always on-time. Thru the train ride, I got to witness the sunrise in Connecticut.


Mystic, Connecticut

At around 6 in the morning, we have arrived in Kingston train station. We were welcomed with my cousin with arms wide opened and teary eyes. It was memorable. She, then, drove from Kingston to her home in Tiverton. The drive was about an hour but upon seeing Rhode Island while I was on the back seat of the car. I suddenly felt like I wasn’t in United States anymore. I don’t know but everything seemed different in Rhode Island compared to the places I’ve been to. The aura is different and the place is so relaxing with view of the ocean, bridges, houses and all. I can tell that there something in it that draws me to conclude that, I love Rhode Island.

We arrived in Tiverton. My cousin’s house is just few walks away from the border of Massachusetts. She prepared a Filipino feast for us and I was thrilled to eat it all up.

After the sumptuous breakfast, yes, that was just breakfast. We had a little time to rest and freshen up for our trip to Providence. Travel time from Tiverton to Providence took about less than an hour passing thru some towns in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We got to a mall in Providence and bought some souvenirs. We also spent some family time together in the mall.


View outside from Providence Place

img_4092The next day was jam-packed. The schedule was to visit famous tourist attractions. First on the list was Newport.

Newport, Rhode Island is a seaside city and is known as a New England summer resort and for the famous mansions. With coastlines on the west, south and east, Newport is named as a maritime city. Newport harbors teem with commercial fishing boats and power and sail pleasure craft. It is widely known as the sailing capital of the United States.20160618_13365120160618_13420420160618_14052820160618_140539

After we were done exploring stores in Newport, we headed to the next attraction which are the mansions. The most famous of the mansions is the Breakers.


The Breakers

The Breakers is a Vanderbilt mansion located on Ochre Point Avenue. It is a National Historic Landmark and is operated by Preservation Society of Newport County. This mansion was built as a summer home of the Vanderbilt family who was one of the wealthiest families in the United States.


The Signage


Front Gate


The Driveway


Amazing Chandeliers and Intricate Design of Great Hall



View outside the Breakers



We paid almost US$30 for the admission and tour fee. Good thing that my cousin is a Rhode Island  resident so, she doesn’t have to pay and she also has an extra ticket from last year. We only have to buy one ticket. The mansion tour was magnificent. We got to see how the inside look of a mansion and with audio provided for our self-guided tour, I learned a lot about the history of the summer home of the Vanderbilt.

When we were done in Newport Mansions, we headed to Brenton Pointe State Park to have a good view of the Atlantic Ocean.


This caught my attention while we were on our way to Brenton Pointe State Park.

Brenton Pointe State Park is a park located in the town of Newport. It offers majestic views of the Atlantic Ocean as it meets Narragansett Bay. The park offers picnicking facilities, hiking paths, fishing, and kite flying, and hosts the annual Newport Kite Festival.


Brenton Pointe State Park




Kite Fliers


Few miles from Brenton Pointe State Park is another state park. It is the Fort Adams State Park.


View of the Bridge from Fort Adams State Park


Fort Adams State Park

20160618_17140220160618_171641Fort Adams State Park is located at the mouth of Newport Harbor and it offers panoramic views of the harbor and the Narragansett Bay. The park is home to Fort Adams which is a large coastal fortification. Fort Adams is the home of Sail Newport and Eisenhower house. It also offers swimming, boating, picnicking, and athletic fields.

It was almost 5 in the afternoon and traffic in Newport is terrible, too. So, we have decided to just dine out in one of the famous restaurants in Rhode Island. We ate at Becky’s BBQ in Middletown. I was starving from the trip we just had and a good food is way to end that day. I ordered smoked rib steak with corn and triple beans.


At Becky’s BBQ

The food was delicious and it costs US$9 for that meal. It was indeed a well-deserved 5-star meal. And that concluded our Rhode Island escapade.

Even though we only have a couple of days to explore Rhode Island but we had fun and it was memorable since I got to see my cousin and her lovely family. I may only have seen some great parts of Rhode Island such as Middletown, Newport, Tiverton, Kingston, and Providence but I am 100% sure that I fell in love with the Ocean state. I love Rhode Island and it is now on the top of my list to move.

Check my vlog  of my Rhode Island trip in my Youtube channel.

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